Magista Obra Rough Green

Just when you think that Nike can’t come up with any more mind-blowing color combinations…Boom!….they create another one. This time it is for the Magista Obra, and boy did they create a masterpiece.

First let’s talk about the tech differences between the Obra and Opus versions of the Magista. The most obvious is the Dynamic Collar. The Obra has the Dynamic Collar, while the Opus does not. The Obra contains Nike’s lightweight Flyknit material on the upper, while the Opus utilizes Nikeskin. The outsole of the shoes are the same, giving the Magista silo a constant.

Now lets get to the new colourway!

Rough Green OBRA

The official name for the dark green color of this boot is Rough Green. The boot also has a fair amount of black to it as well. In some lighting, the Rough Green color may appear as black. The word many have used to describe the Rough Green color is stealthy. Just when you think the dark-colored boot might be completely camouflaged, the Nike Swoosh logo pops out. Not the whole logo, just the outline of it. The outline is made up of a bright Orange color, that provides a stark contrast to the dark green and black from the rest of the boot.

The back of the Dynamic Collar has “Magista” in the bright Orange color as well. The laces of the shoe go back to the stealth coloring of the shoe, using a speckled design of Rough Green and a kind of military green. Out of the entire upper, the orange of the Nike Swoosh logo really pops out.

Rough Green Magista opus

Magista Opus soleplate

The outsole of the shoe has a little bit more contrast to its coloring. A combination of green and black are just different enough to create a contrast. The Orange color also makes an appearance on the Nike logo, the Magista lettering, and on a few conical studs as well.

The Nike Magista silo is a favorite for plenty of the top players in the world, and for good reason. This new colourway is sure to get fans excited and talking.

Rough Green Magista Obra hanging


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