Nike Mercurial Lite CR7 shin guards

Time for a shin guard review here on The Instep! I recently was in need of a pair of guards for an alumni match for my high school and I looked at what is available right now and the prices for each option. I ultimately decided to go with a pair that I have previously owned. The Nike Mercurial Lite shin guard has been a solid option for me as I am a big fan of slip-in guards. They are less bulky and also protect my shins rather well. Let’s see how they fare when it comes to shin guards and if they are the ones for you.

Nike has constructed these extremely light shin guards with a K-Resin shell, which keep protect you from hard challenges while also giving you the sensation that you are not even wearing any guards. Each guard is designed for a specific shin so you get a very comfortable and contoured fit. The back of the guard is made of a EVA foam that is in a waffle pattern that allows your legs to breath while giving you great protection from those high tackles. Nike have created a quality shin guard that is perfect for players of all ages.

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Savage Beauty CR7 shin guards Nike CR7 Mercurial Lite shin guards

I have worn these several times now and I have no complaints. The comfort is awesome and I love the breathable Dri-FIT sleeves that come along with the guards to add to the breathable nature of the Mercurial Lite. These came in handy a lot during my first few games. I played some striker as well as some attacking mid and the defenders let me know they were there all night. I felt the tackles but the guards were incredible in their protection. I never felt like I was in danger of being injured and I was not bothered by any slippage of the guard.

For only $25, you are grabbing a high quality shin guard that will be not only stylish, but effective as well. I picked up the Manchester City colorway of the Lite and I love the look. I can’t say I dislike any of the colors right now in the Mercurial Lite. If you head over to, you can check out the wide selection of shin guards ready to ship out.

Nike Mercurial Lite shin guards

Overall, you not only get some fantastic protection, but also can look cool while wearing these. Make sure you know what size you need to be safe out on the field. I know it is cool to wear guards that are small but I would strongly urge you to wear the size recommended for you. Stay safe and keep on playing rather than risking an injury.

Have a pair of Mercurial Lite guards? Let us know what you think of them down below.


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