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When Nike released the latest Superfly, Nike Superfly Elite 6, they decided to rename all of their boots in their boot arsenal. So the Nike Mercurial Superfly Pro is what would have been the Veloce DF had it kept the same name as last generation. With a new name comes a nice thing, the latest second tier option in the Superfly line is an impressive step up from previous generations of take down models. If you are a baller on a budget, stick around and find out why the Superfly Pro might just be the next cleat for you to rock on pitch.


The Look

As with most Superfly boots, the look is one of the main attractions people have to the line. The sleek design that exudes speed, also features a FlyKnit collar for the first time on a take down boot. It is the same collar you get with the Superfly Elite, minus the full FlyKnit upper. From afar, it looks like a top end superfly with the same overall design and cut. The Black and Total Orange colorway is the opposite colorway from the launch version. The colorway is a more subtle version than the launch colorway, but still offers some color for those who don’t like the look of a blackout boot.

mercurial superfly pro


Performance wise, you will be wearing one of the top boots on the market for under $200 among the current releases. The boot features a synthetic upper that is similar to that old Teijin Synthetic found on the Mercurial Vapor X. While this upper is unnamed by Nike, it is extremely similar to the Teijin upper I mentioned before. The FlyKnit collar runs down and replaces the tongue, just like on the Superfly Elite. Adding to the impressive amount of tech on this boot, ACC or All Conditions Control, is layered on top of the upper to create a better grip when the weather might hinder your touch on the ball. The boot features speed ribs that run along the same direction as the boot and create another layer to the textured upper. The soleplate has the same layout as the Elite version, just without the fancy finish, but it will do the same job. On field, it is a nice surprise to play in the Superfly Pro. The sock wraps your ankle nicely while giving a nice snug fit around your foot and can even stretch a good bit because of the FlyKnit tongue. The upper is not as thin as the FlyKnit upper, but gives a great alternative to those who are against the Knitted boot revolution. The upper offers some protection, but as with most speed boots, you should expect that getting stepped on is going to hurt a lot. It is nice to see a release that massively improves from the Veloce 3 DF. A better upper, FlyKnit upper and tongue, and of course ACC on a take down model, immediately put this up there as on of if not the best deal on a takedown boot. For only MSRP $150, you can snag yourself a boot with most of the top end tech, for half the price.



While I would be stunned to find any professionals at a high level wearing this boot, you will find a pair of Superfly Elite’s on just about any field around the globe. The Mercurial has been the most popular speed boot option since it was released back in 1998. Players like Leroy Sane to Cristiano Ronaldo are headlining athletes for the Superfly elite with players all over the field choose the boot as their preferred cleat.


mercurial superfly pro


The Superfly line as a whole has a fairly narrow fit. But the latest generation is a little more forgiving than the past releases. I would say if you have had extreme difficulty fitting into past Mercurials, still avoid this one, but if you are like me and have a little bit wider feet than average, this is much more comfortable on feet than previous Mercurials. If you have doubts on if it will still fit you in your regular size, I recommend trying a pair on to see how it feels before purchasing.


Final Thoughts

Overall, you are getting a $200 boot, for less than $150. That’s even $25 less than the previous takedown Mercurial, while getting a much better cleat. Normally I would say that if you can find a top end boot on sale or in a colorway you like, snag those. But for this, you are truly getting a cleat that I can highly recommend. You could even snag two of the Superfly Pro, for around the same price as one Superfly Elite. Just because something is labeled a take down model does not mean it can’t be a top performer and this shoe is a top performer.




4 / 5 stars     

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