Nike Ordem 3 Hi-Vis

How many advances can be made with a soccer ball before we feel that we have reached the apex of what a circular ball filled with air can achieve?  Nike is hoping that the newest Ordem fits that bill, and that the future of soccer, at least in terms of the ball we use to play the game, is now.

Any follower of The Instep will be fairly aware of our love affair with Nike match balls.  Although there is a definite reason the adidas Champions League ball has been unchanged for many seasons, Nike has been the king of the match ball for nearly a decade.  The Nike T90 Tracer was the first step towards what we see today in the newest Ordem, but the Ordem 3 is definitely the current ball at the top of the heap.  Still, despite being the best in the biz, there are a few questions that we asked when we got the newest Nike masterpiece.

Has there been a lot of changes from last year’s Ordem to this model?

Despite most of the changes definitely being cosmetic, there are a few slight changes to the model itself.  The newest Ordem 3 is not quite as padded as the earlier models, but the ball is still able to be pumped to the max and still feel great at your feet.  Also, to anybody that has never made the jump to the best equipment available, Nike match balls have an affinity for deflating a bit too quickly after you finish your session (this is built in to prevent undue stress on the bladder and prevent overinflation).  The newest Ordem avoids that problem like its predecessors, but anyone that lives in cold weather should always have an air pump around if you choose to purchase a high-end Nike match ball.

Nike Ordem 3 Hi-Vis 360 view

Click for a 360 view of the Hi-Vis Ordem!

Have the cosmetic changes been an improvement?

While it definitely will come down to personal preference on the newest match ball, we do feel that the new look looks great.  The improvement might only be in terms of looks when the ball is in not actually in play.  The big red splotches don’t fit the bill of what Nike says that they are typically going for in match ball…the colors add nothing to really reading the spin or being able to understand the flight of the ball.  This is true in real life AND in FIFA16…how’s that for realism?

How does the Ordem 3 play?

True.  The Ordem 3 plays as true as you could ever hope a ball to play.  Striking the ball, passing the ball, and controlling the ball always results in an enjoyable experience (unless your touch is bad).  As we mentioned earlier, the top-end match balls are able to be pumped up to a maximum pressure while still providing a great cushioned feel…the Ordem 3 is no different.  It isn’t going to get any better than the Ordem 3!

Nike EPL Ordem 3 Hi-Vis

Should I spend the money to bring in the Ordem 3?

At the end of the day, the newest Nike match ball is the best ball available.  The price tag is something that you will have to justify yourself, but we don’t think we could ever switch back to anything else now that we have experienced the Ordem 3.  In the equipment world, it is almost impossible to ever crown something as the “best,” but the Ordem 3 leaves no doubt.  Game over.

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