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What is the absolute best thing about World Cup equipment campaigns and build-ups?  It becomes a back-and-forth between the biggest brands that turns into a real life version of “anything you can do, I can do better.”  One company releases a boot that should change the face of soccer equipment and the rival brand brings out a boot that turns out to be even better.  One company decides to revamp their soccer ball and another brand quickly follows suit…a situation which we have now witnessed with Nike following the adidas Brazuca with the Nike Ordem.

An odd move by any brand considering that their current match ball (the Incyte) will still be the main match ball for all of the European leagues that use it, the Ordem will be attempting to build hype and a following, with the Incyte still being the main product on show.  Adidas are in a similar situation, but the Brazuca has been pushed so hard for the last few months that nobody is thinking about the Bundesliga using the Tango-style ball and the Champions League ball will always have a following no matter what else adidas create.  With the Ordem, the Incyte will be on view in Serie A, La Liga, and the EPL for the rest of the season!  Not to mention that the major months dedicated to the Ordem build-up will be dominated by prime Brazuca advertising with the World Cup…wow…

Nike Ordem ball

Outside of the possible issue with the Ordem marketing, the ball has caused serious intrigue within the Instep offices.  Considering that there have only been marginal changes to Nike’s main match ball since the release of the Tracer (launched in 2010), we are quite excited to see what the American giants have deemed worthy of changing.  The general shape and design seem similar, but there seem to be about 100 different panels on the Ordem.  Further investigation shows that the ball still has the same number of actual panels, but there are all those smaller triangular designs etched into the outer casing.  It is an impressive looking ball and we cannot wait to put one into testing as soon as we can.

Keep an eye out in certain fixtures this weekend as the Ordem starts to make a few appearances and also keep an eye on the Instep as we will have an Ordem review up as soon as we can.  As we have mentioned in nearly every article since adidas launched the Samba pack, we are having way too much fun with this World Cup build-up and we have not even gotten to see what all the brands have behind the curtain for the biggest tournament in the game.  Excited?  We know that we are…


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