Neymar Ousadia Alegria Hypervenom

In a cynical and indifferent world, Neymar is a bright beaming light.

Watch the Brazilian play for two minutes and you’ll see the joy that inhabits his entire persona. Watch, and you’ll also witness the audacity with which he plays. This unique blend of delight and daring is what sets Neymar apart from the other greats of the game.

Nike’s other superstar, CR7, plays with a kind of muscular intensity. Messi works his on-field genius in contrast to his fairly dull off-field image. Neymar, on the other hand, kills defenders with a wide smile and then almost immediately posts another Instagram selfie.

Nike took these characteristics and, as they always do, crafted a fascinating and attractive new product. The latest Nike Hypervenom is the first to feature Neymar’s name on the boot. Tattooed on his calves are the words “Ousadia” and “Alegria”, which translate to “daring” and “joy”. To properly render this concept on the new Hypervenom, Nike brought in Brazilian designer Bruno Big.

The abstract black-and-white pattern actually have subtle differences on the right and left boots. Nike News tells us that, “On the ‘Ousadia’ boot, fingers wrap around as if holding it. On the ‘Alegria’ boot, the fist is centered where it will make contact with the ball.”

Nike Hypervenom Phantom - Neymar

Designer Bruno Big with Neymar Hypervenom

The punchy red accents on the Swooshes and the outsole inject even more life to the distinctive design. Even if you didn’t know the significance of Neymar’s Ousadia and Alegria, this would be an irresistible look.

This special release doesn’t stop at the Phantom II though. In addition to the Hypervenom Phinish cleats, there is the HypervenomX Proximo indoor and turf shoes with the same colorway. Finally, the Hypervenom Free Neymar lifestyle shoes have a more toned-down color palette, while maintaining the Ousadia Alegria aesthetic. All of it is worth a look.

Nike Neymar HypervenomX Proximo


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