Nike Radiation Flare Pack

Nike seems to have been sitting quietly off to the side biding their time before launching themselves into the 2017 fray. Up to this point, the headlines have been owned by adidas and Puma, but the Swoosh has finally decided to drop their first bomb of the year. As bright as a 20-megaton warhead, the Radiation Flare Pack is now here to remind the world that Nike still has the claim of top dog. Will this pack shove the Blue Blast of adidas and the evoPOWER of Puma into the crater of ground zero? Or, has Nike let themselves become blinded by the volt?

The biggest thing to note is that the Radiation Flare Pack is the home to the newly christened Nike HyperVenom III. A boot that offers the first FlyKnit low-cut option, it will be interesting to see if this boot can reach the heights of the original or if it gets bogged down in issues like the second iteration. Changes to the upper, collar, and soleplate see this boot offering a host of new toys to any player willing to see what the HyperVenom has on offer. Early whispers are incredibly positive, but we’ll be holding off judgement until we put them through The Instep’s vigorous tests. If loud colorways aren’t your cup of tea, we’d suggest waiting a bit. The boot offers a split color design with a blindingly bright green sitting next to a staggeringly stark neon orange…it certainly looks like it should have been sitting in a high radiation zone for a bit.


Click for a 360 view!

Nike Hypervenom Phinish Radiation Flare

The calmest release of the bunch is the Magista Obra II in red. Offering a full FlyKnit upper with the heat map design that we’ve all come to expect, it’s odd that a bright red boot can be seen as the most conservative of the bunch. Still, you’ll be leaving defenses feeling bombed out and depleted with the playmaker’s paradise that is the Obra II. If you find yourself joining a team that wears red, there might not be a better option out there.

Nike Magista Obra Radiation Flare

Stepping over to the kangaroo classic that is the Tiempo VI, and we get every Volt-lovers dream. A boot wrapped in total Volt with only the Swoosh and accents marked in black, there’ll be no missing you (even from space) if you snag these. Comfort on top of class and wrapped in a silky smooth touch, the Tiempo VI wins over any and all that are willing to give it a shot. Send the Geiger counter into fits with these bad boys, and leave the opposition as depressed as anyone on a nighttime stroll through Chernobyl.

Nike Tiempo Legend Radiation Flare

Nike Tiempo Legend rotating 360

Avoiding the Tiempo’s volt, but still zipping straight to the top of the “OH, DEAR GAWD MY EYES” charts is the Mercurial SuperFly V. Dressed in a painfully bright green that practically screams “Dude, I wouldn’t cut that watermelon open if I was you,” the SuperFly V will be a can’t miss on the pitch or at the bottom of the ocean in this color. Straight-line speed through a tight fit and tech-packed soleplate matches up with immaculate touch from the speed-rib and FlyKnit combo that leaves you reticent to share the ball. Defenses will take shelter in the nearest bomb shelter once you hit the pitch…

Nike Mercurial Superfly Radiation Flare

We wouldn’t trust most of our teammates to have their hand on the actual “button” that everyone seems so concerned about, but these boots would be a great option for even the most erratic, crazed, questionably coiffed, narcissistic individual that you can find! If you’ve been looking for a boot to be as brazen as your play or as loud as your smack talk, we’ve got the medicine. Luckily, prolonged exposure to these boots merely results in awesomeness…so, that’s exciting. Snag your pair over at!


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