We are less than two weeks away from the first kick in Qatar, which means Nike has revealed their collection of boots players are hitting the pitch with this month. The Generation Pack has made its way to the Mercurial, Phantom, and Tiempo silos with a fresh new look that’ll keep you and the biggest players in the game interconnected.

Every pair of boots in the new pack features symbols representing the host nation of Qatar and Nike’s world headquarters, keeping you interconnected with even the biggest players at the tournament. Inspired by the next generation of football stars taking on the beautiful game, this pack offers you a look that has never been seen before.

The most up-to-date and high tech boots, the Air Zoom Mercurial are getting the boldest and most futuristic look they’ve ever had. A boot designed with Metallic Copper throughout both the upper and soleplate offer a look unlike any before it. This futuristic look is paired with white details on the upper that perfectly contrast with the upper giving the signature swoosh and “AIR” insignia a chance to stand out. Black trim on the white details and a black collar offer that subtle look to let the bold new colorway of the boots stand out. A bold pink sits on the sole plate taking you and your game to a whole new level. 

Unlike the Merc, the Phantom GT lets a subtle base give bold details a place to shine. Starting off on the upper, a black base sets the stage for a pair of extraordinary and powerful boots. Metallic Copper details sit on the black based upper, allowing these details to pop and shine like never before. The bold Metallic Copper color even makes its way onto the sole plate of the boots offering you the most powerful look from upper to sole plate. A bold pink color offers that subtle pop of color that takes you from powerful to legendary. 



The Tiempo Legend takes a totally different approach to the future of football with a unique and bold colorway. Rather than seeing the Metallic Copper all over the boots, this bold color finds itself on the soleplate and the details of the upper. Rather than this Metallic Copper on the upper, Space Purple makes its bold and futuristic appearance. This bold Space Purple upper takes the bold pink color found throughout the pack and makes its appearance with details on the upper and even sole plate. 

Nike’s taken the world of boot design by storm in this bold new pack. Inspired by the future of football and the connection the beautiful game has brought to the world, you’ll be lacing up like an icon. 

Shop your pair at SoccerPro starting November 14th!