The Women’s World Cup is a little over 40 days away which means it’s the perfect time for Nike to reveal their latest boot silo, the Phantom Luna. Specifically designed with a female-oriented mindset, this boot is destined to bring safety and security to both sides of the game.

Over the last decade the growth of the women’s game has been growing at a rapid pace and receiving more support than ever before. In this time companies have placed more of a focus on products that work hard to prevent injuries throughout the women’s game. Up until about 5 years ago, cleats have had a male-oriented mindset when it comes to boot design. However, Nike is changing the game with the latest launch of the Phantom Luna, a pair of boots that has been heavily tested and researched to make sure that it meets the needs of the modern female athlete, but don’t worry, the Phantom Luna isn’t just for women.

While this is not a female-specific pair of boots, it uses a plethora of female-inspired designs to make sure that stability and injury prevention are at the forefront. The Phantom Luna is not just the latest boot from the Phantom Silo, but serves as an alternative to the Phantom GX that has been artfully engineered to meet the needs of the most modern athletes of the game. Don’t worry Phantom GX fans, the Phantom Luna isn’t taking over, but instead is serving as a partnership.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the Phantom Luna. What’s new? The Phantom Luna is specially design with a lower cuff that is more comfortable and designed specifically for the ankle on a female athlete. Taking inspiration from the Phantom GX, the heel features an Asymmetric construction on the heel of the boots working hard to increase comfort in the boots while also decreasing breaking in time. Gripknit also makes its triumphant return but now features a micro molding texture throughout the upper that works hard to give a more intuitive and powerful strike pattern. Small and subtle ribs sit on the cuff of the boots to give you enhanced ball contact higher on the boots for those moments when the ball comes at you in a way that is totally unplanned.

The Luna now features the Cyclone 360 soleplate that uses a circular stud pattern that sits near the toes to allow for enhanced rotational traction on nearly all surfaces. This redesigned soleplate also gives you the ability to plant, pivot, and push off in one simple motion. This all new design works hard to significantly reduce rotational traction while allowing a mix of grip that isn’t doing too much.

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