Nike Distressed Indigo SCCRX Pack

While the competition for footwear on the pitch heats up as we continue to get closer to Euro 2016, there is still only one true competitor in the short-sided game. Nike’s SCCRX line continues to dominate in every facet of short-sided, and Nike has given their winning team a color update. In a fantastic contrast to the Radiant Reveal that’s currently rocking pitches across the world, Nike has painted all their short-sided weapons with a classy “Distressed Indigo.” Fire up the black lights and let’s get started.

Starting off with the Mercurial, the boot fades from a deep navy at the toe and collar to a deep purple (almost black) in the midfoot. To give off a typical bit of Nike flash, the swoosh and MercurialX branding is done in a neon pink. The sole is also given a bit of spark with the heel fading from a bright pink to a bright orange at the toe. With the MercurialX, you can enjoy Nike’s FlyKnit upper built in a very streamlined last to aid you speed demons or players that dominate through quick cuts and flicks.

Nike MercurialX Proximo - Distressed Indigo

All of the other boots in the pack have their FlyKnit/upper sections colored similarly. Expect each boot to have a navy around the collar and toebox, and a deep (deep) purple sticking around like smoke on the water (too punny?) on the midfoot. The main differences come in the styling and accent colors differing on each silo.

For the HyperVenom, the top of the collar, swooshes, and HyperVenom branding are all in a very bright orange. Underfoot, you’ll see the orange color fade to Nike’s cherished Volt once you get to the front portion of the sole. The HyperVenomX is split into the back half of the boot and its FlyKnit, and then the updated NikeSkin material on the forefoot of the boot. Built for ultimate responsiveness, the HyperVenomX is always a good choice.

HypervenomX Proximo - Distressed Indigo

On the Magista, our personal pick of the bunch, you see Nike’s Volt making up all of the accent color on the upper and the MagistaX branding. The portion underfoot is broken up a bit more than the other boots because of the white Lunarlon on the back portion of the shoe, but everything else underfoot fades from Volt on the heel to a bright pink at the tip of the toes. For those wading into the waters of the MagistaX, expect a nice, padded FlyKnit upper crafted to be the ultimate tool for anyone that likes to control the game. This boot also houses Nike’s Lunarlon tech underfoot to give you as smooth as ride as you can possibly find.

Nike MagistaX Proximo - Distressed Indigo

If you lined all of the boots up next to each other, you’d notice that each boot’s sole fades into the accent color of the next boot in the silo. We love when Nike does this (the most recent Women’s pack was the last time we saw this) and it helps tie the entire pack together quite nicely. Don’t worry or “distress,” and snag yourself a pair of these boots today!

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