Nike Tech Craft Hypervenom Phantom 3

There are some products in the footy world that are complete slam dunks. Releasing a boot in a blackout: win. Releasing a boot with under 750 pairs available: win. Releasing a boot that honors/mimics/recreates an iconic boot from the past: win. Then, there’s the release that Nike has been taking major advantage of recently: taking a boot that is typically released in a synthetic, and, instead, releasing it in kangaroo leather. The Nike Tech Craft Pack has been giving us a look at Nike’s greatest, but all with the glowing sheen of leather being the focal point…it only makes sense that the newest Nike HyperVenom 3 would be next in line to get the treatment.

It’s arrived. It’s glorious.

Nike Tech Craft Hypervenom Phantom III GIF

Nike Hypervenom Phantom Tech Craft with Flyknit and ACC

The HyperVenom 3 doesn’t get the same look as the other members of the Tech Craft elite, in fact, it feels like Nike are making sure that their newest toys stand apart from the “older” options from the Tech Craft. A brash boot whose entry into Tech Craft only makes sense as it crashes the party fashionably late…this boot is still feeling the glow of Radiation Flare that can’t be stifled underneath the leather. Instead of the black/silver, we get Black/Electric Green/Sequoia to give a hint of the danger involved with the HyperVenom 3. It’s a boot that doesn’t even look like it would have a wisp of leather involved, but that’s only until you get your hands on this beauty.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom Tech Craft Dynamic Fit collar

For anyone new to the Tech Craft’s ways, Nike takes their boots and replaces the bulk of the upper with kangaroo leather. For the newest HyperVenom, this still holds true, except Nike have applied alegria leather. With FlyKnit still making up the Dynamic Fit collar on the DF version and the tongue on both Phantom versions, there’s still plenty of “new” technology on the boots, but we’re very anxious to see how seamlessly this particular model pulls off the blend. Either way, these boots are certainly showstoppers.

Low-cut and high-cut Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Tech Craft

The HyperVenom 3 is definitely going to be in the conversation for boot of the year when 2017 begins to wind down, so we’re anxious to see whether the Tech Craft version can join it atop the heap. If you simply can’t abide by the standard FlyKnit wonder, but can’t help but be tempting by its villainous wiles…Tech Craft has you covered.


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