Black and red Tiempo Trainer

While the majority of our time here at The Instep is spent testing footwear that is meant to be used within the bounds of competition, there occasionally comes a time when we are able to snag some lifestyle gear. Now, within the realm of soccer “lifestyle gear,” most products still feel built around a concept that would allow you to have some decent looking shoes while still leaning strongly towards a shoe that could be used if you decided to wear them to your local indoor facility. However, with the new Nike Tiempo Trainer, the emphasis is clearly on a comfortable and great looking shoe…with “in-game use” not really ever factoring into the picture.

The Nike Tiempo Trainer leans back towards the Tiempo of yester-year and bears little resemblance to the current Tiempo that graces the pitch. This classy shoe is made from a combination of nylon and suede, giving the boot the look of leather without the bulk and weight associated with the leather material. This helps aid the comfort, and also helps keep the boot looking new. With leather, even a brand new boot can look old and used because of the leather creasing. The nylon and suede, as long as you avoid puddles and mud, always looks fresh out of the box. The wide laces complete the shift away from something you would use on the pitch and help push the retro vibe that these shoes are handing out.

Closeup on Black Trainer

Tiempo Trainer soles

Several months ago Nike released their Tiempo 94 Low, in tandem with the Legend V unveiling. These were retro-style shoes with removable overlapping tongues that were clearly more lifestyle than indoor. Now Nike keeps the Tiempo lifestyle image going with the Trainers.

The best part about these shoes is how versatile they are. They’re great wearing them with your Sunday best, your work outfit, or just with your lazy Saturday clothes. The old-school look lends itself to being casual, but the great collection of materials/colors on the shoe makes the shoe work with your fancy garb! With the black/white Tiempo Trainer, it looks classic and has the ability to be paired with all those tuxedos that you have in your closet! Then, with the red/white Tiempo Trainer, it is a color that looks identical to what you would typically see from any suede material that has been given a deep red finish. The red Trainer also has some deep blue accents on the heel and tongue that would make this the perfect addition to any of your USMNT/USWNT gear or whenever you decide to give a hint of U.S. support to your outfit!

Red Tiempo Trainer

Red, Black Tiempo Trainer

For anyone that is a huge fan of Chuck Taylor’s or any shoe that is quickly given the label of “old-school,” this shoe certainly fits the bill. Comfy and classy…great looking…it’s quite difficult for me to find anything negative about this shoe. If you have the opportunity to snag these, do not hesitate. Not often I step outside recommending something meant for soccer, but these are amazing shoes.


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