Nike Hypervenom III players

Swooping in to steal the early thunder that adidas and Puma hoped to make in 2017, Nike has decided to make their first big move of the new year…and it’s a big ‘un. With new technology under the hood and a launch colorway that combines “wow,” “ouch,” and “watermelon,” Nike is throwing out all the stops to make sure that a boot that has a slightly troubled history and feels almost misunderstood can finally stand on its own and win over the masses. A new Nike release always snags the headlines, and the Swoosh rarely disappoints. Will the new Nike Hypervenom 3 be revered, or cause a revolt?

Nike Hypervenom 3 soccer cleats

The first thing to mention on this boot is that it is a Flyknit upper from the collar down to the toebox. Having mastered Flyknit builds with the most recent Magista Obra II, Nike has even gone so far as to offer the low-cut Phinish with the exact same upper. It’s the first time we’ve seen Nike offer the same exact top-tier boot in both a collared or non-collared variant, and it’s something fans have been asking for since collars were first introduced. We’re anxious to see if other Nike boots follow suit, or if the HyperVenom will stand alone in this regard. One thing to note about the new Hypervenom collar is that it is built in a off-set way that has the instep side of the collar sitting higher than the other side…something that we’re anxious to test how this changes the feel, but something that probably was born out of the success of the new collar on the Magista Obra II.

Nike Hypervenom 3 instep

Nike Hypervenom 3 heel

The most notable aspect has to be the poron pads all across the strike zone of the new Hypervenom (they’re included throughout, but in slightly fewer number). Built to offer cushion when dealing with softer moments on the ball and a firm striking surface whenever you use power, it’s a nifty little inclusion from Nike…we’re very anxious to see if it truly offers two different feels using the same material but with varying pressure from addressing the ball, which would be quite a feat of engineering on Nike’s part. We also see Nike’s Flywire tech to ensure maximum responsiveness and to keep the Flyknit from ever overstretching after break-in…an always welcome addition.

Another big change to the silo comes underfoot, as the new Hypervenom showcases a brand new soleplate. Touted to be more flexible than Hypervenom soleplates gone by, the studs are also altered. With conical studs dominating the instep and Nike’s new favorite chevron-style studs focused on the outside of the boot, it’s extremely unique. Whether or not it’s an improvement on a soleplate that was fairly beloved by most remains to be seen, especially given artificial ground players’ love for completely conical stud set-ups. One thing we’re really anxious to see is if the spine-esque piece in the midfoot is only visually identical to a Puma evoPOWER soleplate from the past, or if it also provides the same feel.

Nike Hypervenom outsole sketch

Nike Hypervenom III soleplate

With a loud launch color, new toys to intrigue every footy fan out there, and a boot that has a very hot/cold past, the new Hypervenom III certainly has piqued the curiosity of everyone here at Instep HQ. We can’t wait to get these bad boys into testing and see what they can do on the pitch. Look for the boot to become available January 30th and for Hypervenom stars Lewandowski, Cavani, Higuain, Rashford, and Kane to sport this in their upcoming fixtures.


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