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It isn’t enough for the Swoosh to absolutely dominate the market for gear that you need on the pitch, but Nike is making sure that the battle that they’re waging is getting a constant barrage on every front. With the new generation of boots starting to hit the market, you knew that Nike was about to start their assault on the lifestyle footwear completely anew. Luckily, that assault begins now.

Welcome in the new Nike Zoom Mercurial FlyKnit.

nike mercurial flyknit

Not content to merely update the way that the forefoot looks on their lifestyle shoes, this shoe has gotten a fairly decent overhaul. The sole has been totally updated from the Free 5.0 underfoot to an Air Zoom set-up that will give a ridiculous level of comfort to whatever Nike decided to slap on.

However, it isn’t just any old upper that’s been attached to this sole, as the Nike FlyKnit is allowed to go for another ride. For anyone that hasn’t given the Nike lifestyle shoes a spin in the past, the FlyKnit is given a totally different feel from their FG counterparts. Crafted without any of the necessary additions that the FG boots need for durability, the lifestyle shoes show the FlyKnit at its very best. Extremely soft right out of the box, the FlyKnit only softens with use and provides one of the most comfortable rides you’ll ever experience.

mercurial flyknit zoom

The lifestyle Mercurial boots also boast a softer collar in order to make sure that there’s no hot spots or rubbing if you’re planning on wearing the shoes for a few hours. Not to mention added padding that the FG models sacrifice in turn for a lighter boot. It’s all about comfort with Nike’s FlyKnit versions of their soccer boots, and the Zoom Mercurial looks like it will carry that tradition on with pride. The only problem we have is that this shoe is going to take some serious work to keep clean. The white and wolf grey look stunning, but one false step or a scrape against something will have you heading straight home for some shoe maintenance.

If you’re looking to take your shoe game to the next level, then the search is definitely over. It isn’t like any of the other brands are even on the heels of Nike with turning their soccer gear into lifestyle wear, but we aren’t sad that Nike is continuing to drop bombs. If you’ll excuse us, we’re going to order a few dozen for ourselves.

nike zoom flyknit mercurial


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