With any self-respecting footy fanatic in the world, playing the latest FIFA game from EA Sports must be a requirement in order to take part in some form of soccer even when you are resting on your couch. However, for those of us that extend our boot nerd-isms into our favorite sports game, we immediately update every player’s boot choice and our “created player” is always wearing whatever boot that I am wearing in the real world. With EA recently upping their “boot” game and consistently updating the available boots, occasionally they put something out into the market before it is technically available. In previous versions, FIFA has even been guilty of leaking big upcoming releases in screenshots for the next FIFA game.

However, as you can see, this edition of FIFA has shown us the Pele Sports Manipulator V. A boot that the internet, other boot-nerds, and even the Pele Sports website seems oblivious to (and where are the first four Manipulators?)! To make this discovery even more interesting, Pele Sports (as a company) has been dormant for quite some time and they have not been releasing new product since around the mid-point of 2013. Their social media accounts and other internet footprints have all been inactive since the end of last summer and it would be odd for them to disappear and then attempt to reclaim the attention of the boot world by suddenly reappearing with a brand new boot. But, it seems odd that EA Sports would have included this boot without some type of help from Pele Sports…especially since it really does look like something that the young brand would have created.

The soleplate seems to be extremely similar to the Trinity from PS, and the upper seems to have ridges that are too large to be simple stitching patterns. Perhaps a control element or even something meant to be similar to the ridges from a Wave Ignitus from Mizuno, or some type of insert under the upper like what we have seen on the newest 11Pro or other types of boots could be what the ridges are masking…but, unless these boots get an actual release date then we may never know.

Is this a case of an accidental EA Sports leak? Or will we actually see this boot released in the next few months? Considering it might actually be coupled with the return of Pele Sports (a brand that was actually doing surprisingly well for such a small brand), then this could end up being a big deal. Will FIFA14 be the last time we see something new from Pele Sports or is this a new beginning?


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