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There is one statement that I have been using within my soccer nerd circles for most of 2014…it simply is “if Nike hadn’t slapped a built-in sock on their boots, Puma would be destroying the competition for this entire year.” By putting such a massive update on their boots (and, the boot world), Nike has ensured that every other release will be flying under the radar. Still, despite one of the biggest changes in the boot world since the lightweight race, Puma has executed an amazing set-up for all of their silos. With our annual boot awards posts “The Boot-ies” on the horizon, it feels necessary to show that Puma has done something that has rarely been seen.

While most of the bigger brands on the market have spent time with one or maybe two fantastic releases available, it has always felt like there has definitely been a weak link somewhere in the chain. For Puma and their current line-up, it is difficult to find that weakness.

For the evoSpeed, it is a continued step in a line that has always been an underrated option in the speed boot market. While most turn to the F50 and the Vapor, the evoSpeed has quietly been shedding the oddities of the V series and slowly growing. As our upcoming leather evoSpeed review will show, the leather version is one of the best leather options out on the market. While the leather shifts it a bit farther away from the typical speed weight, it was one of the more enjoyable boots to test in 2015.

Puma King II

For the King, the update to the King II finally has a proper feel to it. The classic leather feel of the King has been blended with some modern additions to help benefit a better fit and ensure that, even after a bit of leather stretching, you will be able to get a great fit by being able to tighten the laces for the best shape. Not to mention that the King has one of the most desirable stud patterns on the market today (as shown by how many professionals outfit their boots with custom King soleplates), and you have something the the adiPure has been whiffing on from the adiPure IV until the current 11Pro.

Then comes the evoPower, which is one of the best boots (if not THE best boot) available today. The adapLite material might be the best overall synthetic in the world and one of the rare synthetics available that has some genuine stretch and shift to accommodate a superior fit. Add in that the touch is outstanding, and you have one of the early favorites for the best boot of 2014. If Puma continue to use the adapLite on future releases, then I can guarantee that I will be one of the first in line. The flexibility of the soleplate, effectiveness of the stud pattern, and comfort level provided make it a joy to wear before you even address a ball. Then, once you have actually put the boots into play, they seem to get even better! Keep an eye out for the evoPower as a lot of people start to wind down 2014 and proclaiming the best boots…it should be near (or on) the top of every reviewer’s list. Here’s hoping that adapLite has a long life!

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For some strange reason, reviewers and testers are not allowed to show praise. We are not allowed to wax on about how much we enjoyed a silo. If we do that, then we immediately get labeled as biased or as a fan-boy. However, with how Puma has performed this last year, I do not care about the perception. Anyone that has used their products in the last year will be able to back-up that the Cat had one of the best complete silo set-ups that we have seen in a long time. Here’s hoping that they get a little more recognition for it in 2015!


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