Puma evoACCURACY 2

The Look

When I saw these boots online when they were released, I was not completely sold on the look. I have always been a huge fan of how the evoPOWER silo has looked and I have always thought that it would be really hard to make a bad colorway for the power boot from Puma. When the boot finally arrived, my mind somewhat changed. In person, the cleat really looks good on feet. It is very flashy and bright and features “MB45” on the heel to show that these boots are worn exclusively by Mario Balotelli. While these will not win my favorite color way, I think for a somewhat limited release, it is still a unique colorway that I am really starting to like more and more. If you are a Balotelli fan, I think you will have to give the evoACCURACY a look.

The Touch

Puma evoACCURACY 2 closeup

The Puma evoACCURACY 2 is the step down from the popular limited release, the evoACCURACY 1. With all take down boots, I like to give them their due while also comparing them to the higher end boot of the same line. A little background to begin, the evoACCURACY is not a new line from Puma. It is a variation of the evoPOWER. Is it an early prototype that is being released now? That certainly is one of the rumors but either way, it is a pretty cool release.

Unlike the top end model, the evoACCURACY 2 features a lightweight microfiber upper that will slowly soften as you break it in. Out of the box, these were pretty stiff and made me worry that they would be rather cheap but after a few hours of breaking them in, it softened up a lot. The laces are pushed to the lateral side to provide a larger striking area. This feature is something I really like on boots as it helps give a cleaner area to strike rather than with the laces. The tongue is actually extremely soft to help with striking the ball with more comfort and ease.

The GripTex that is also found on the top tier evoACCURACY, is on the green diamonds of the boot. GripTex helps add extra grip when controlling the ball. To be honest, I really did not notice this feature except for when I played in some slightly wet playing conditions. I think that when water is applied you notice it a little, but don’t expect to notice a huge amount of grip on the ball with these boots.

The outsole on these boots is really lightweight and has a mix of conical and bladed studs that help with stability, grip, and maneuverability. One of the main attractions of the evoACCURACY and evoPOWER lines is the G.S.F, which stands for Gradual Stability Frame. The G.S.F acts as a spine that adds stability in the forefoot and helps keep the sturdy feeling underneath your feet. In my time in the evoACCURACY 2, I actually had a great experience. The boot is still in tact and has not torn and has no stress marks on it. The boot really softened up to feel more comfortable on feet. As far as take down boots that I have reviewed, this is my favorite. Although it lacks the AccuFoam pads that are found in the evoAccuracy 1, it still feels great striking the ball. It is a nicely padded yet clean sensation and it really takes away a lot of the sting of a hard strike. This is one quality take down boot here from Puma.

The Feel

Outsole of Puma evoACCURACY

The comfort of these boots honestly surprised me. The way these fit after some break-in time is great and you get a both padded yet close to the ball feel. I was skeptical that these would be uncomfortable out of the box since they were so stiff, but the evoACCURACY 2 is surprisingly an extremely comfortable boot. I experienced zero blisters, zero discomfort, and zero issues whatsoever. If you have wider feet, you might look into a different boot as these feel a little snug and are not as forgiving to wider feet as some other boots. The regular evoPOWER line is an excellent choice for wider feet.

Bang For Your Buck

With a $120 dollar price tag on these, I would say if you can find them on sale for a little less, then it is worth the money. They are below the retail price over at SoccerPro right now if you want to grab a pair.  For the quality and overall experience you get in these boots, the price is more than worth it.

The Verdict

GripTex on evoACCURACY 2


For the price, performance and comfort you get in the Puma evoACCURACY 2, this is a great cleat to go for. The technology that is found on the evoACCURACY 1 is not all there, but you still get the GripTex that helps with grip in wet conditions and you still get the look of the top end model. Now, that is not to say that the performance is not all there, as with all cleats the actual skill lies within the player. As a big Mario Balotelli fan, it is cool to have the same look that he wears on the field. I would say as far as take down models go, it is a good one. But as far as how it is compared to the grand scheme of things, then it is slightly above average.

Sizing: Runs true to size.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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