Puma evoACCURACY overhead

Call it the Better Call Saul to the evoPOWER’s Breaking Bad: the Puma evoACCURACY has spun off. With similar features, the latest limited edition Puma boot is among the evoPOWER family — it’s just going for a different identity. First of all, Mario Balotelli will be the sole professional to be wearing these officially. Secondly, the narrative around the evoACCURACY is more concerned with pinpoint precision than the destructive, stadium-destroying evoPOWER.

The colors are also different than anything we have seen on the evoPOWER. Fluorescent yellow covers most of the upper, with green diamond accents filling in the instep and forefoot. By the time you get to the heel, those colors have faded to white, allowing the “MB45” marker to stand out on the heel in honor of Balo. The Puma formstripe and cat logo appears here in their dark blue Peacoat color. Overall, it’s a pleasantly inoffensive colorway, which is actually the opposite of Super Mario’s persona. Oh well.


Balotelli in the evoACCURACY

As far as tech specs, we love the evoPOWER here at The Instep, so as you can imagine, the evoACCURACY is no different. With the wonderfully soft, shape-correcting AccuFoam and the sticky GripTex on the upper, comfort and ball control are no problem here. Puma loves attempting to copy your barefoot kicking motion, so the stretchable upper on the evoACCURACY allows you to do that more easily.

GripTex on Puma evoACCURACY

On the bottom, you’ll see the same specs as the evoPOWER. A pebax outsole with bladed and conical studs makes for a lightweight feel and the Gradual Stability Frame (that spine-looking thing) is designed to give you both maneuverability and support.


The idea here is to add precision to the power offered from other so-called “power boots”. Puma clearly doesn’t want their own evoPOWER to be limited with that perception, so they have spun it off with the limited edition evoACCURACY. We’ll see if it can see the same success as its TV show counterpart.


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