Puma evoPOWER 1.2 Dragon

The Dragon. A powerful mythical creature that strikes fear in the hearts of many. Puma has taken the dragon and incorporated it into its fabled evoPOWER line. Thus, Puma has given us the evoPOWER 1.2 Dragon.

The boots have been inspired by Japanese dragon mythology, and have been designed to encapsulate the same power and speed the dragon represents. These boots feature one-way stretchable microfiber AdapLite with GripTex to aid in better ball control in every sort of weather.

evoPower 1.2 closeup

Puma evoPOWER Dragon

The dragon-inspired design is highlighted by High Risk Red and Sea Pine colors all over the boot. The upper is a combination of the two colors, with “dragon-like” scales featured on the upper. The laces are also red, which is a subtle shoutout to the original first generation of the Puma evoPOWER. The upper has not given up the traditional things that make up an evoPOWER boot either. You still have the “spine” ideal that is applied to these awesome boots.

Cesc Fabregas Chelsea Dragon evoPOWER edited

The bottom of the boot is mostly turquoise, but does have some red features. The studs are red, as is the Puma logo near the toes. Near the heel, there is the “power spine” that emphasizes the strength of the boot. Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas wore these exclusively last weekend for their victory over Manchester United.

The dragon is a powerful figure for Puma to emulate, and they have not disappointed.




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