Group of evoPowers

Very rarely does a boot appear out of thin air from the “big three” brands in world football. Most boots seem to have a connection to a past model or at least carry a similar vibe when boot brands decide that a silo is in need of an update. However, Puma have decided to completely change the look, feel, and basically everything else from the Puma PWR-Cat 1.12 to the cat’s newest “power” outing. With the EvoPower, the first impression has been one of the most positive that we have experienced in years…although testing is not finished, we might already be in love.

With Puma claiming that their biggest influence for everything in this boot was how a foot reacted to striking a ball naturally (barefoot), there already seems to be little to say that Puma have not created a massively successful boot. Instant comfort from out of the box and, where some boots are comfortable but still do not have the greatest fit, seemed to come out of the box tailored to your feet. The flexibility of the boot and the pliable nature of the upper helps make it feel like the perfect blend between a padded power boot and a barefoot-style touch.

While the logo on the insert is already starting to fade because of how much we have already used the evoPower (simply because of how enjoyable it has already been), there is still some testing left to do (remember, we will not write a review until the logo is completely gone). Still, the evoPower is already an easy boot to recommend to anyone in the market for a new boot. One thing to note, and something we will mention again when we write the review, is that the evoPower is meant to be a tad small so you should order up a half size.

With the leather evoPower also en route in the coming days, we are very excited to see if the leather option stands up to the quality of the synthetic version. Puma are certainly one of the best brands in terms of heading back to the drawing board and creating a quality product. The evoPower is certainly a front-runner to claim the best boot of 2014 once the year draws to a close, and it was launched in January! Well done Puma!

4.5 / 5 stars     

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