Puma evoSPEED SL Grass

The concept of the Puma evoSPEED SL Grass was first launched a little over a decade ago with the v1.06 Grass. It was rolled out during the World Cup in 2006 in Germany, where Puma is headquartered. The basic idea of the shoe is to stand out, by blending in. The green color of the boots definitely fit the concept of Grass shoes.

Now Puma have decided to add some flare to their evoSPEED SL by applying the Grass concept, but have also added a unique 3D effect. The boots come with special 3D glasses, allowing you to see the designs in 3D. The boots’ grass design is based upon a field striping, where light and dark lines are based upon which way you mow the grass. The traditional Puma stripe is also in white, mimicking a boundary line. The white coloring for the logos and lettering definitely stand out against the green.  These shoes will be released in limited amount as homage to the 2006 Puma v1.06 concept boots. They will be releasing only 2,006 pairs worldwide.

The original v1.06’s are similar in their idea, but slightly different in design. The largest difference actually mirrors a trend we are seeing today with boots that do not have laces. The 2006 Concept also went with a more bladed grass graphic as opposed to a striped field on the evoSPEED SL version. Stitching and the plate of course are different after a decade of technology change. From a visual perspective, Puma did a lot of upgrading during the decade to improve the shoe.

Overall, this is a really cool limited edition release. The idea and concept is something different than we have ever seen before, and Puma pulled it off pretty well. In the run up to Euro 2016, these boots will be very interesting to see if they actually stand out by blending in.

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