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Puma evoTOUCH 1 Review - The Instep

4 responses

  1. Bishopville Red
    September 14, 2016

    A couple questions:

    The studs look rather long. Are they (Puma has had some longish studs in the past) or is it just a bit of a trick of the picture?

    With that in mind, would you wear them on turf? I also ask based on the fact that Puma has recently been issuing 90 day / natural surface only guarantees and warnings.

    Any idea if there’s a drop in quality in the junior version? My daughter plays high end football, but has short (men’s 5-ish) feet that are too wide for a comfortable women’s fit.


    • Keiran
      August 10, 2017

      I’ve been using these for about a year now so since the season started in march, and I’ve been wearing them on all surfaces turf,grass etc. They are fine and last very well and are very very comfortable. I only had to sport about sore feet the first time I played with them with the first game, but it wasn’t even that bad and I didn’t get blisters. So I basically wore them in after 1 session which is great.


  2. Tom
    November 29, 2016

    My feet wide and im wearing I fit for evotouch? I mean for wide feet


  3. Kurt Trecker
    April 19, 2017

    I got the new all-black version and the heel counter is killing me. Nasty blisters after just 40 minutes of play. I love the rest of the boot, but can’t wear them. Puma is not granting me a return either. Any suggestions and have you heard this from others?


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