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It’s no secret that the Big Cat has amassed one of the largest and most impressive stables in soccer gear today. From the impressive evoPower, the indomitable King, and all fantastic variations and forms of the evoSpeed, there really isn’t anything that Puma has on the market that we wouldn’t use as our everyday boot. Still, Puma has no plans to sit on their laurels and just watch the praise roll in…instead, Puma has continued to flex their creative muscles and expand the evoSpeed line.

Their newest entry: The evoSpeed Fresh

Puma evoSPEED Fresh

PUMA Football_evoSPEED Fresh_1

Just in time to combat the heatwave of summer (and the incoming “April showers”), Puma’s newest toy boasts an impressive ability to keep your feet nice and cool while preventing moisture from seeping into the boot. A blend of tech we haven’t really seen since adidas abandoned their ClimaCool boots, it is definitely a fairly untested and untapped area of the market, which tends to be an arena where Puma always excels. Puma accomplishes this feat through the use of a mesh-styled upper that has been treated to make sure what you want out, gets out (the heat)…and, what you want to KEEP out, stays out (the rain).

The evoSpeed Fresh will sit on top of the evoSpeed SL soleplate that, despite being as unique as the upper that sits atop the studs, has been very well received. During wear of the synthetic or leather evoSpeed SL, there has been nothing but praise for the odd layout and the configuration.

Puma evoSPEED Fresh instep

Puma evoSPEED Fresh overhead

All of this comes together in a tidy package that is rumored to sit just above 4 ounces…meaning you’ll be staying cool while still having your feet feel light. If there’s any brand out there that we would expect to be able to pull all of this tech off within one boot, it would definitely be Puma. The Big Cat is making sure that they have an all-out assault prepared for 2016, and we couldn’t be happier. Keep rolling Puma…we wouldn’t mind a few more 😉


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