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The Puma King has returned in 2019 with the hopes of returning to its throne. The King has come to reign on all surfaces, but there’s one King that I will be talking about. The Puma King Pro TT tears up the turf pitches you call home. It’s a quality shoe with decent things to offer for a quality price, but does it keep up with the modern-day turf shoes? Let’s find out.

Straight off the bat, the fit of the Puma King Pro TTs is very snug. They’re not necessarily slim, but they hug my foot very closely. It’s not uncomfortable though which is a plus that comes from the internal padding Puma has issued under the leather upper. Due to the snug fit, the responsiveness of the boots is decent. That’s always a positive.

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Along with the fit and feel of the Puma King Pro TTs, comfort is also decent. My foot felt secured, padded and relatively comfortable. The thin suede-like inner liner that Puma has engineered underneath the leather upper is quite pleasing to feel. It’s smooth and has no seams to cause any trouble. Although it’s not world-beating, I didn’t feel any pressure points or friction to cause any blisters, which is always a pleasant plus for a player.

Right out of the box, the Kings felt a bit stiff which took me by surprise given the fact that they are a leather upper shoe. I was a bit disappointed by that initially. However, after playing around with the upper and actually using the boots, the leather softens up over time. The forefoot has the best quality leather that gave me a very nice, plush feel. Regardless, the majority of the boot isn’t the most premium leather which is also a bit of a turnoff. But for the price of $100, I can’t do much complaining.

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The one-piece construction execution is also nothing special but it does help with that snug and responsive feel. The tongue is made from a structured, elastic knit that helps wrap your foot and keep it secured in place. The tongue is stitched into place, connecting to the leather upper requiring a dual-lace hole system. It’s not revolutionary but it gets the job done.

Moving away from the upper of the Kings, the sole is also nothing breathtaking. It gets the job done without being spectacular. Starting off with the traction, the outsole features tri-tipped chevron style rubber studs that dig into the turf carpet quite well. The sole has a very firm and stiff middle giving a very nice springy sensation on the push off. The cushion is pretty solid too, so no real complaints here.

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Overall the Puma King Pro TTs did provide a solid turf soccer shoe for the most part. I would have liked a more premium feel with the leather upper all around, but for $100 it’s a quality shoe for a good kick-about. I would like to see Puma continue the King line to truly develop it and keep up with the rest of the classic leather boots in the market.

4 / 5 stars     

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