Puma evoSPEED black AFCON

While most of the major leagues are in full swing, the African Cup of Nations is now also in full swing. With some of the world’s biggest stars on display, Puma is making sure that any of their players wearing the evoSPEED will be decked out in one of the prettiest boots to hit the pitch in a long time.

Where Nike and adidas tend to only pay homage to some of their biggest players, Puma has never been shy of making a boot that has major nods towards cultures. If you can recall, Puma actually released a set of boots with a Japanese theme a few seasons ago that were all very popular with professionals and fans alike. In that same vein, the AFCON evoSPEED pays tribute to the continent responsible for some of the biggest footballing players to ever grace the pitch.

With a release of only 500 pairs, the AFCON evoSPEED will be a hot commodity for any collector. The only scary thing is that such a beautiful boot might spend most of its time on mantels or in boxes instead of getting shown off on the pitch. Both boots have “PUMA” on the instep and a colorful African sunrise on the outside of the boot, but each logo/symbol is made of a rainbow of gorgeous colors and they definitely stand out.

Puma evoSpeed AFCON

Considering all the signature releases that Puma has put on the market recently, it is nice to see a special launch from them that will get to spend more than one match on the pitch. As with the issue of collectors keeping these boots off the pitch, it will be unfortunate that we won’t see this boot outside of the Cup of Nations.

If you want a collectors item, I would hurry and snag these. If you want an absolutely gorgeous boot, I would hurry and snag these. If you want a highly regarded boot, I would hurry and snag these. The bottom line is, no matter what you like about these boots, I would hurry up and snag them!


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