Puma Leather evoPower

The evoPower still feels as if it fell straight from the sky. The only nod to the past being the EverFit Cage and the quality of the build. So, with the typical move for every Puma release (outside of the King), Puma released the evoPower in synthetic and followed quickly behind with a leather version. The AccuFoam is still present in the leather version, but instead of seamless foam squares in the upper, the leather version has stitched in strips of AccuFoam.

Leather outsole on evoPower

Full evoPower leather

After falling absolutely head-over-heels in love with the synthetic evoPower a few months ago, the arrival of the leather evoPower had me fairly giddy. The same last, soleplate, and the addition of high quality leather had me jumping at the chance to test the boots. Would this version be more of a step back towards the PWR-Cat, stay in line with the complete change of the evoPower, or would it be a completely different animal?

The biggest thing to take away from our first few moments with the leather evoPower is the sizing. When ordering this boot (or the synthetic evoPower), you absolutely MUST go a half-size up. If I had ordered my normal size, the boot would have required the removal of a few of my toes in order for me to even get the boot on. A half-size up was still a bit tight, but the leather seems like it will stretch in order to accommodate.

While the leather evoPower does not immediately grab my attention the same way that the synthetic version did, it has still been impressive. The review will be completed in the next few weeks and we will pass judgement on whether the synthetic is the better choice, whether the leather version is worth your time, or whether both versions of the evoPower have quickly jumped into contention for boot of the year. For now, it has been a very smooth ride.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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