Puma evoSPEED SL-S - Yellow

Puma quietly released an all-new evoSPEED SL boot called the SL-S. The more durable option of the SL will be sure to win over some soccer cleat buyers who are sitting on the fence about the ultra-lightweight silo. The new SL-S introduces a new upper that will give you a more durable SL that will last longer than 10 games. The SL-S is still extremely light and with a more durable upper, the SL-S could become one of the most popular boots of 2016.

Puma evoSpeed SL-S

A new monolayer microfiber upper that will help enhance the durability that scared so many speed boot wearers away from the standard SL. The upper is designed to increase durability, comfort, stability, and a to help the touch on the ball feel that much better. The stud pattern remains the same from the SL to the SL-S and does a surprisingly good job of giving you traction while making those quick cuts and turns that an attacking player needs. Players like Sergio Agüero, Marco Reus, and Antoine Griezmann all will be wearing the SL-S from now on.

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Puma asked Sergio Agüero what he thought of the boots and he said “…I like to wear the same boots in training that I wear in matches, which is just my personal preference. This new evoSPEED SL-S allows me to do that, which I am very happy about.” That statement shows that switching into a new pair of boots all of the time didn’t seem to be ideal for professionals and with the more durable SL-S, players can use the same boots fro much longer like a standard speed boot.

The release from Puma is a good one in my opinion and one that could help turn their luck around in the speed boot race. a review will be coming in 2016 about the boots so that we here at The Instep can give you all of the details you want to know about the SL-S.


Marco Reus in evoSPEED SL-S

The evoSPEED SL-S goes on sale January 2nd and will be available in the Safety Yellow colorway that the entire Puma speed lineup was debuted this past weekend. I expect to see most evoSPEED wearers switch into the new SL-S for the rest of the season. I think it will be interesting to watch and see f any of the players revert to the SL in cup finals or big matches like the boot was designed for.


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