POW Puma evoPOWERs

As I was scrolling through Instagram this morning, I saw Puma’s post about a new boot release. POW! BAM!! The words jump straight off of the boot and catch your attention.

The latest evoPOWER colorway takes inspiration form Pop Art, a popular movement back in the 1950s. This is one of the more unique colorways I have ever seen and I think Puma have created a boot that will stay in our minds for a long time.

Puma evoPower - POW/BAM

Taking a closer look, POW is found on the striking area of the boot to make you feel like you have just struck the ball with some incredible power. BAM is found on back heel of the boot. A dotted blue pattern is on the heel area to give an ode to that style of Pop Art. The Orange-Clown Fish color from the last colorway, is found in some lines that shoot out from the “POW” over a white base. If I’m being honest, the colorway reminds me of an old cartoon that has Batman punching a villain and the screen would then read “POW!” or “THWACK!”.

The bold colors and striking borders help in the “pop” of the boot to help this interesting colorway catch the eye of anyone watching Balotelli, Fabregas, or Toure. Players are already voicing how much the boots shocked them but that the colorway is one they enjoy the look of. Mario Balotelli has already released an Instagram post stating it his favorite colorway to date.

Fabregas told Puma “This time PUMA have really surprised me with the new boots they gave to me and I love the result. The graphics are so cool, and it actually feels like a little piece of art that I can wear on my feet. I look forward to wearing these boots when I play with the Spanish national team against England and Belgium, hopefully some players will be distracted when they see my unusual footwear.”

This is one of those bold new colorways that some people will absolutely love, and some will hate. It’s safe to say that the players are excited about the unique look of the popular power boot. I think Fabregas may be right that the Pop Art design may cause an opponent to be slightly distracted as it is such a unique colorway. I am a huge fan of the evoPOWER Pop Art look and I would love to be able to snag a pair when they are available.

Fabregas in POW evoPOWER

What do you think of the unique look?

If you are a fan of the evoPOWER, check out the selection and pick a pair up for yourself from SoccerPro.com.


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