Nike CTR360 Maestri III FG Soccer Cleats - Current Blue with Volt

The newest color of the Nike CTR360 Maestri embraces the principles of Barcelona’s winning ethos, either you create, or attack. The Maestri is part and parcel of the “create” mentality, and is designed to help the consummate midfielder provide the cleanest pass and sharpest play. The blue, volt, and gray coloration is the going to the mark of the creative Nike player going forward and they don’t look to bad either. Complete with a padded synthetic upper these shoes offer the most comfortable fit of any pair of Nike boots on the market.

The upper also features several control fins and padded areas are the instep and forefoot to help maximize ball control on harder passes. These same pass pads also offer the best energy return on the ball when you are passing or even shooting from a longer range. Overall, the upper is one of the better ones we’ve seen, and fits true to size.

The cleat pattern is well designed for a player who excels in playing end to end without much regard for getting tired. It offers traction and sold grip on any natural surface regardless of how often you change direction allowing you play naturally.

Many soccer shoes will claim to to offer you added speed or a large degree of accuracy on your shot, the Maestri won’t offer any of that, but it will let you use all of your natural talent to the fullest.

So if you don’t want fancy gimmicks getting in the way of the way you play the game, theses soccer shoes are safe bet for you. Available now from

4 / 5 stars     

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