A closeup of the new NikeSkin upper Nike have just released their new FC247 collection and the new Elastico Finale II is a brilliant new addition to the world of indoor soccer. Featuring the latest technology from Nike, and a vividly colored upper, these shoes are sure to get you noticed no matter how small the court. Futsal is a game of poise and precision, requiring a player to embrace the ideas of teamwork and awareness on a deeper level than when you play out on a larger grass pitch. The Elastico II is designed to help players who may only have a few seconds on the ball at a time quickly get control and pass or shoot with accuracy. The two toned green upper also looks great, and with pink and black animal print on the swoosh and the laces, they definitely have some attitude. Not everyone is going to be in love with Nike’s design choice here, but the performance aspects of these shoes make them well worth a look so lets get down to brass tacks.

The upper on these shoes is new type of synthetic from Nike. They’re calling it NikeSkin, and its a very thin and flexible material which feel like a harder version of the neoprene you’ll find on insoles on wrist pads for a computer mouse. Its dimpled, and has some texture to it, particularly up near your big toe, and when I took them out and tested them I didn’t have any complaints about ball feel. No synthetic upper can compare with the touch and feel of leather, but these shoes comes as close as any synthetic I’ve worn. The upper does fit true to size, so if you took a size 10 in your last pair of Nike indoors you’ll be ok getting the same size again.

instep_ad_nike_fc247_elastico_mint_640x50As for the sole, it hasn’t changed with this version of these shoes and has a mixture of dots and ridges to help you trap the ball under your foot and quickly pass it. These are low profile shoes, so the sole itself isn’t very thick and wears flat to the ground so make sure you lace them up tightly if you have high arches like me. Otherwise, you may be missing the support of your running shoes by the end of the first half. The insole is also thin, and really that’s my only complaint about these shoes, as they look so fancy I’d love to be able to wear them on a night out. Sadly, they just aren’t meant for walking, and while they are a great pair of futsal shoes, you wouldn’t want to run a marathon in them. We have them in stock now at SoccerPro.com, and they will run you $98.99 so if you are in the market for a new set of indoors I highly recommend checking them out.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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