adidas Predator LZ TRX FG Soccer Cleats - Ray Green with Black

The phrases “Meet the new Predator LZ, same as the old Predator LZ” best describes this latest pair of predator soccer shoes from Adidas. The Predator LZ has proven pretty popular since its launch last year and this new version preserves the playability of last years model, with some edit to the control surfaces. The colors have also been updated, and the design which varies the color between the control elements on the shoe and the underlying upper looks great on these cleats. The three stripes are also recessed and set off against the green upper in black which helps to give these shoes dimension.

adidas Predator LZ TRX FG Soccer Cleats - Ray Green with Black

The previous Predator LZ featured a similar two-toned pattern, but the rubber elements have been redesigned on this model to do a better job controlling the ball. The notched and terraced design has also been aligned to maximize touch on the ball regardless of direction. So in a nutshell, no matter how the ball come to you, you’ll be able to send it where you like. That include passing and shooting motions, with a general focus on a player who isn’t defined by the traditional positions or roles on the pitch.

Overall, these shoes look sharp, and if you liked the previous Predator LZ, then these new ones will leave you pleased. If you are in the market for a new pair of boots, and are looking for something adidas that focuses on ball control, then the price won’t offend.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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