Lewandowski with exclusive Nike Hypervenom

When I say the name Robert Lewandowski, what comes to mind? Bayern Munich front man? 5 goals in 9 minutes? The best striker in the world? Whatever comes to mind, we all may be right. The Polish big man has been on a tear this season and is making a name for himself not only in Germany, but all around the globe. He has become the fastest foreign player to score 100 goals in the Bundesliga. That’s an incredible accomplishment no matter how you look at it.

Lewandowski looks to be the main man in the Hypervenom Phantom at the moment with Neymar wearing the Vapor X. Nike have been noticing the striker’s form this season and have decided to do something about it. Lewandowski has presented RL9 with his own custom Hypervenom Phantom II that has a lot of meaning behind it, as well as a look that is perfect for striking fear into opponents. The red and black upper has inspiration from his past, his fighting spirit, and his other characteristics that make him so deadly in front of goal.

Lewandowski told the designers at Nike “Every time I step onto the pitch, I know that I will fight for the best result for my team. Having these Hypervenom made just for me is a true recognition and inspiration,” He goes on to say, “Fierce, demanding battles await us and it is very special to have these boots full of personal and meaningful symbols to mark this important time of my football life.”

Nike Hypervenom Phantom - Lewandowski

Taking a look at the upper, it has a lot going on. Noticeably on the toe box we see the Eagle that represents his home nation of Poland, as the Eagle is a big part of the Polish people’s visual identity. Lewy’s hometown of Warsaw’s motto is “Semper Invictta” which translates to “Always Invincible”. In RL9’s style of play, you can really see the Warsaw mentality come out on the field as he plays with toughness and powers through adversity to score goals for club and country. Robert’s personal logo and his number 9 can be found on the upper as well as a judo belt. A Judo belt on a soccer cleat? Well, Lewandowski’s father was a Judo athlete so Robert grew up around the sport and is a big reason for his fighting spirit. The best part of the cleat in my personal opinion is the quote they include on outside of the cleat. “There are moments worth living, it’s worth playing Football.” A really unique touch from Nike for the Polish striker.

Nike sketches for Lewandowski Phantom

Lewy Hypervenom Phantom II

If you ask me, Nike has created a perfect cleat for RL9. It really embodies who his is, where he came from, and just to add to the fun, they gave it a marvelous design. Nike first showed off the boot on social media in form of their Snapchat page: NikeFootball. Could this be the start of Lewandowski becoming the face of the Phantom line? Could be, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

What do you think of the custom Phantom Nike have given Robert Lewandowski? Let us know your thoughts down below!


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