Very rarely does someone outside of the professional ranks get the opportunity to fully customize a piece of their gear. While NikeID and MiAdidas may allow you to alter the look of a boot, the fit may still be off by a few millimeters once the boot is on your foot. While you can alter the look of some kits and customize the name/number, it has not been made to exact specifications of your body…but merely made with a preconceived concept of small/medium/large. So, when SAK approached us and offered the opportunity to fully customize a pair of shinnies and have them shaped exactly to my legs, I jumped at the opportunity.

After our initial post, and a few days of sitting patiently beside the mailbox, the SAK Elite shin guards arrived…and they are fantastic.


Not only can you shape these to your legs, but you can slap some serious pic customization on these bad boys. While nobody will get to view this during a game, its a fantastic option that has buckets and buckets worth of “cool” factor. We could not have a pair without giving a shout out to the mothership…


As you can see, I am bit eclectic. The Liverbird has always been one of the sharpest emblems for a team that I have ever seen and, despite shying away from most fandom as it makes idiots of us all, I do support Liverpool in the quiet of my own home. The other shin guard choice simply comes from one of my favorite movies of all time…



The Stay Puft marshmallow man from Ghostbusters is one of the greatest “evil” characters of all-time. Plus, I have never been one for putting my photo/my wife’s photo/my child’s photo on something like this…so I went for something that would always make me laugh. And, this shows how fully you can customize these shin guards…there are no rules!



An awesome carrying bag and the best fitting sleeves I have ever encountered also came with the guards, and any gear-nerd loves getting extra goodies. Factor in how amazing the sleeves help the shin guards feel on your feet and how slick the bag is, and you have a serious winner here.


We are super pumped to test these over here at Instep HQ, and we will be doing a follow-up post soon talking more about SAK and the shin guards we received. Although we have only had the guards for a few days, it already feels safe to say that we may have found a pair of shin guards to last us the rest of my playing days.


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