When choosing a boot there is no more important aspect than getting the correct size for your feet.  Some people may think that the color is important, others talk about leather or synthetic, and some even argue that the brand is the most important aspect.  For someone that has been actively losing weight while playing soccer, it has been a constant struggle to find boots that fit correctly or even a boot that fits the my foot in terms of length.  Luckily, after a lot of trial and error and SoccerPro’s inclusion of the Shoefitr app, I have finally found my proper shoe size and it has made a world of difference.


What is wrong with getting shoes that are a little too big?

I should be wearing 10.5’s in most boots but I spent a long time wearing 11.5’s.  The negative effects of this were present in many aspects of play.  When learning to shoot correctly, your foot needs to create a perfect line with the rest of your leg, striking the ball about three laces up on any boot.  However, if you boot is too big, attempting to do this results in stubbing your toe against the ground with all the force that you put into the kick.  This caused me to learn how to shoot the wrong way, by tilting by body and striking the ball at an angle.  Although it was occasionally effective, it severely limited my accuracy and meant that everything I hit curved inward.

After putting on the correct size shoe, my shot power/accuracy improved immensely.  It also meant that there was no more stubbing of my toe on the ground or pain when the ball struck the empty portion towards the end of my boot.  You will also find that blisters occur a lot less in a boot that fits correctly because there will be a lot less sliding around in a correctly sized boot.

What is wrong with getting shoes that are a little too small?

This question is a bit tougher because of the amount of stretch that certain boots have.  Too small can result in a ton of pain for your foot during the break-in process and, if the boot doesn’t have any real stretch to the material, then the pain will continue as long as you use the boot.  The blister issue will arise here as well since there will be a ton of hot spots occurring because of how tight the boots are.  With all probability, there will be no way that you can suffer through the boot enough to make it work and it is impossible to return something after you used it.


If you are ever in doubt, click on Shoefitr icon (above) on the product page, to make sure that a boot will fit.  Those guys use some crazy lasers and hi-tech machinery to make sure you get the best fit possible!  But remember, try your shoes on in your house as soon as you get them and send them back immediately if they don’t fit.  The right fit is almost as important as showing up for the game…get it right…