As someone that has been involved with footwear in sports from elementary level all the way to the professional game, there is no sport “specific” shoe that is as versatile as the soccer cleat.  Baseball players love the lightweight build and anyone that has ever played multiple sports in a intramural setting knows that a soccer cleat can benefit you in ultimate frisbee, baseball, flag football, and any other game that takes place on a field.  However, it is a little harder to find the soccer cleat sneaking onto the field during professional games because of players having certain endorsement deals.  But in the NFL, the players that use their feet more than their hands constantly flock to awesome soccer boots.

The punters and kickers on most NFL squads are aware of the benefits that soccer cleats will give them and they can always be seen wearing soccer gear instead of the much bulkier football specific counterparts.  After perusing most of the NFL’s pictures from the last weekend of games, we have brought together a fantastic collection of soccer boots sneaking onto the football field.  Is this a marketing avenue that the big brands should pursue?  Or is this just a neat moment for all of us boot nerds when we notice that the player lining up for the game winning field goal is wearing tiempos?




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