8 Years and 1,700 Hours

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It has taken 8 years and 1,700 hours of testing, but Nike have officially achieved perfect flight with the Flight Match Ball. The Nike Flight Soccer Ball is a revolution in consistent flight. Molded grooves and 3D-printed ink fine tune flight through the air to help you put the ball exactly where you want it.


Totally Groovy

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Nike Aerowsculpt technology uses molded grooves all over the ball to create less drag and to keep the ball stable in the air. The revolution in aerodynamics results in 30% truer flight compared to Nike’s previous Merlin ball. Another new feature is the structure of the panels on the ball. Nike has made the Flight ball even more dynamic with its new construction of 4 fused together panels. This results in a more seamless striking surface for better shooting/delivery.

All New All Conditions Control

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One of the coolest innovations that Nike has included in the flight ball is the updated ACC, or All Conditions Control. To achieve incredible touch rain or shine, Nike has included 3-D printed ink on the crest of the molded grooves for enhanced grip on the ball regardless of the playing conditions that you are up against.

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Are you ready to achieve flight? Get your Nike Flight ball today and prepare for takeoff.


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