Arguably one of the most influential players in the game, Cristiano Ronaldo has earned himself a collection of boots and gear that represent his iconic career. With the world cup starting in less than a month, we decided that we should reflect and take a deep dive into one of the greatest collections in the game. 

One of the most legendary CR7 boots came to us with the CR7 Safari collection. Home to a super unique colorway and bold new print on the upper, these boots were exceptionally legendary. Inspired by the 1987 Air Safari design that appeared in the Madrid derby, these boots threw it back to the iconic look, but with a modern redesign. Every detail on these boots added a unique and legendary quality that these boots hadn’t had before. Specifically on the sockliner, the iconic Ronaldo stance made its appearance as the branding for the first time in the collection’s history. 

The icon that has changed the face of the game needs a pair of boots that speak to just how truly iconic he is. Designed with a sleek silhouette and high class details, the 360 CR7 SE cemented itself into boot folklore with its regally inspired design. Starting off with the black upper, details can easily shine through with such a subtle base. CR7STIANO branding features on the lateral sides of the boots in white, with the 7 appearing in a metallic gold color. A gold soleplate tops off the iconic boots and offers soccer’s icon the recognition and love that he has earned. 

Inspired by the legend’s home, the CR7 Savage Beauty offered us a bold new look and reimagined boot designed for the future. Ronaldo’s home island of Madeira features a truly powerful volcano for which the island is founded upon. In these exceptionally unique boots, we see the volcanic look that also seeks to serve as the inspiration for Ronaldo’s relentless power and tenacity to win games. CR7 branding also features on the black base to give the boots that extra Ronaldo finish. 

In celebration of the historic season Ronaldo had in 2016, Nike released the CR7 Vitorias. Taking home his fourth Ballon D’or, yet another Champions League title, and the 2016 Euros the legendary player needed a pair of boots that were just as historic as the season itself. Only 777 pairs of these boots were released, which meant that getting your hands on a pair was a nearly impossible task. The pure platinum upper with a subtle blue metallic overlay ensured that the look was as elegant and iconic as the player himself. A metallic gold plate served as a celebration of the numerous titles the superstar had taken home just that year. 

Just a year after taking home 3 major individual and team titles, Ronaldo struck again taking home his 5th Ballon d’Or. The term Quinto Triunfo (5th Triumph) represents the historic career Ronaldo has had and celebrates that 5th trophy the superstar took home. These extremely limited edition boots only came in 1,000 pairs worldwide, which made you one of the lucky few if you got yourself a pair. Designed with an off-white and metallic gold upper with the signature CR7 crest on the back heel, these boots cemented themselves as one of the best in the storied collection.

While the 2020 Euros didn’t turn out to be the most positive tournament for Ronaldo and Portugal it provided inspiration for the latest line of CR7 boots that season. Moving on and learning from your failures and missteps is one of the biggest challenges that the game presents you. Inspired by the drive and determination that powers him to overcome these challenges sought to inspire him before, during, and after the tournament. In a switch from the previous two CR7 boots, these boots are loaded with a bright red color and a bold new graphic. With a bold new look, these boots ushered in a new era for the CR7 collection. 

Defined by his cool, calm, and collected attitude Ronaldo has taken his career to unbelievable heights. The CR7 Dream Speed boots were inspired by his unmatched calmness and mental fortitude when it comes to the beautiful game. In an exciting new colorway that represents a restful and more calm state of mind. The bold details in these boots offered a new wave of boot design that is perfect for the most legendary player to hit the pitch. 


What was your favorite CR7 look? Did we leave the best off of our list? Let us know in the comments!