Sketches of Puma evoPOWER

Puma has certainly taken the initiative with 2016, and the newest evoPower is definitely a big first step towards dominating from January until December. However, despite being on its third version, the evoPower is still a relatively young boot silo. It is always great when a boot clearly defines what the product is trying to achieve AND THEN actually delivers. With their power boot, Puma has set out from day one to create a boot that allows the foot to naturally flex when striking the ball. We take a look at how the boot series has accomplished that feat from the original evoPower all the way to the newest release.

Let’s take a look back at the beginning…

evoPOWER side view

With the original evoPower, Puma introduced a host of new technologies (many of which are still around on the newest version). Launched by Mario Balotelli and Cesc Fabregas, the first look at the incredibly flexible boot had everyone shocked by how the boot could easily bend either way. An introduction to a synthetic that had a slight stretch while still maintaining great touch and shape, the AdapLite material was a revelation. We also met AccuFoam, a slightly cushioned material all over the striking zone of the boot that took the evoPower from comfy with a great touch, to a boot that also provided an incredible feel when striking through the ball. It was new. It was brash. It was great. Want proof? The boot launched early in the year and still was all over our end of year boot awards.

The biggest hit? The tuxedo-esque colorway…so close to a blackout, but with some fantastic splashes of red/white to make the boot truly shine.

Then, Puma went back under the hood for an update…

On Pitch: Puma evoPower

The 1.2 stuck with the exact version of the Gradual Stability Frame (the soleplate), but went with a very different look on the upper. The AccuFoam looked to have been spread out in thinner, but larger pads on the upper. The boot also had a slightly larger last than the original, making sure that any foot type could use the boot. Sadly, the 1.2 didn’t quite hit the heights of the original while still being a top notch release. The tongue had odd AccuFoam pads on it that made it tough to get a perfectly laced fit and the wider last didn’t seem to let the AdapLite work to the height of its powers. It was a testament to how amazing the first boot was that, while still being a great release, we felt that it could have been better.

The biggest hit? The POP release…still one of the best colorway releases of the last decade.

The newest incarnation of the evoPower…

Puma evoPOWER 1.3 boots

The 1.3 took what was successful on the original boot, fixed what was a bit off on the second release, and made some more positive moves for the newest release. The flexibility on the soleplate stayed, but the stud set-up has been updated and improved. The upper has returned to a slightly narrower last, the AccuFoam pads have been returned to the thickness of the original’s level, but the set-up has been improved in it’s placement. In areas where the foam needs to be thinner and spread out (the toebox), Puma went with what was great from the 1.2. With the instep of the boot building up to the toebox, Puma went with smaller lines of foam so that the boot could form to your foot and still give a great function on the ball. The odd pads on the tongue are gone, and the fit is still as fantastic as it was throughout the entire series. It’s always great to see companies slowly improving what is already successful without trying to shove everything to the side in terms of boot creation. Expect the end of 2016 to arrive with the evoPower still sitting around the top of the heap.

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There aren’t many boots that can get updated once and we still enjoy them. If the first three versions are any inclination, the evoPower will still be going strong when most of us are well beyond our playing days. If you haven’t made your way into any of the evoPower boots yet, then the newest boot is another perfect opportunity to find your next favorite. Puma knows power…and we have certainly enjoyed it.


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