Nike HypervenomX Proximo closeup

Winter is coming…

Whether meant as a simple reference to an extremely popular book/television series or just commenting on the waning autumn, it rings true for us as we find ourselves staring down the coldest months of the year.  Still, for the dedicated few among us, soccer must go on.  So we take our game off the pitch, and head inside in order to keep our game in tip-top form.

The good news: the indoor game has never had better equipment on offer.

Unlike years gone by, there are now indoor boots that can actually be considered as “top-tier.”  Both Nike and adidas have started to take the best boots on their rosters and provide them with technology the brand has developed through their running shoes, bringing us creations that rival the firm ground versions in terms of comfort and performance.

From the Swoosh, every boot outside of the Tiempo (come on Nike…why can’t we have an indoor Legend?) has an indoor version on offer.  The Magista Obra becomes the MagistaX Proximo and the Magista Opus becomes the MagistaX Finale.  The ultimate in playmaking comfort coupled with a cushioned sole in order to bring the praise given to both the Obra and Opus into the short-sided arena.  Fancy a speed boot feel for your indoor excursions?  Nothing is going to beat the fit, weight, and sleek profile of the MercurialX Proximo…nothing.  Round everything out with the dynamic and uber-responsive HyperVenomX Proximo, and you have the makings of an indoor boot for any type of player playing at any possible level. 

Nike MagistaX Proximo 360

Click for a 360 view

Not to mention that all of the top-tier indoor boots from Nike have a drop-down model that is impressive on its own, and you have a winning recipe.  The HyperVenom and Mercurial Finale both offer something on a similar level of the highly praised Elastico series…not bad for “second-tier.”

See Fall colors for the Nike MercurialX, MagistaX, and HypervenomX

While most of the other brands are still playing catch-up, adidas has finally decided to dive into the top end market within the indoor game.  All of their current silos have an indoor offering matching the top-end version available for firm ground surfaces.  The one big caveat that prevents adidas from really being on the same level as Nike is that these 15.1 versions are not quite as high quality as the 15.1 models available for outdoor use.  The X does offer a techfit collar, the ACE is focused on comfort, and the Messi is going to still have the narrow fit, but the quality of the upper and the material are slightly altered from the FG counterpart.  Now, adidas does price their indoor options more competitively and it makes sense that a $100 indoor shoe wouldn’t have all the bells and whistles of a $220 FG boot.  Still, if you want the best of the best, Nike is definitely still at the top of the heap.

Solar Yellow adidas X15.1 Boost Indoor

The options for your upcoming dominance of the indoor game have increased in a huge way over the last year.  Your choices have improved and the attribute that you hunt for in a product is much easier to find.  Nike can offer you some incredible footwear, but the price tag certainly matches with the claims that the Swoosh makes with their gear.  Adidas is making big strides, and their price points help them close the gap a bit on Nike…but the quality is still not as nice as we would like.

What indoor/turf boots interest you this upcoming indoor season?  Are there any that you would like to see specific reviews or up-close sessions with?  Remember, winter is coming…


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