Next Nature Vapor- Making Players and the Planet Better

Nike has gone all in on saving the planet and players with the Next Nature recycled material project. Not only is the Vapor made from 50% recycled content by weight. The question looms: can a recycled soccer cleat perform like the original? With its debut in 1998, Nike and the Vapor kept innovating the shoe to help push the athletes and the sport. Each new release introduced new materials, technology, and now, sustainable design. Even the current generation of Vapor is miles different from its previous version because it uses multiple components as opposed to a one-piece construction like its predecessor.hegerberg nike vapor next nature

Ada Hegerberg (Lyon) shows off the Nike Next Nature Vapor.
nike next nature

Next Nature: New Tech

The Next Nature Vapor will debut flyprint 3D printed material for the upper, so that it can be made without waste. Flyprint has been used on elite running shoes before, but this will be one of the first looks at the new tech on a Vapor. Flyprint makes the boot more lightweight and breathable than a traditional knitted upper.

nike mercurial next nature

Can a Recycled Cleat Keep Up?

The Sunburst Swoosh on the inside of the shoe symbolizes Nike’s initiative to reduce waste by a factor of 10 by 2025. Nike is out here setting goals to save the planet and making next-gen soccer cleats to score goals at the same time. While the cleat is made from 50% recycled content by weight, the outsole features a 100% recycled midsole and a four-layer upper that includes Flyprint, recycled polyester, recycled TPU and excess manufacturing materials that can be converted to usable components. Nike are making big moves towards sustainability and pushing the tech of the Mercurial line constantly. Finally, the Flyprint upper reveals some iconic looks from the past that makes this boot visually appealing with Just Do It branding hidden in the upper.

nike next. nature vapor

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to get hyped about with Nike Next Nature project and specifically the Vapor. The sustainability factor is definitely the most important aspect, but we also get a glimpse into the next generation of Vapor and the technology that can be used from recycled content. Nike is pushing their athletes to their full potential and doing the same with their sustainability approach. One very intriguing aspect is that Nike has the ability to recycle individual technology (Flyknit, Zoom foam, Air Zoom bags) so that you aren’t just getting random scraps of textile on the upper. Nike has meticulously componentized its recycling project so that you’re still getting the best, it’s just better for this big rock that we all live on. After all that tech talk it is easy to miss how beautiful this boot is! Line art Swoosh detailing, legacy Nike branding found all over the upper. Finally, the cyclical Sunburst Swoosh not only looks awesome, but is a symbol of Nike’s effort to reuse and recycle for a better world.


Let’s get some thoughts, how are you feeling about these? Do you like the direction Nike is going? Let us know in the comments.


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