The Soccer Life

The makings of a great soccer boot video start from the minds of giants. That’s a quote from Sir Sergio, the lead enchanter of SoccerPro’s Department of Enchantment and Delight. He’s our resident, in-house soccer-loving squirrel, and he loves a good time. We don’t quite know what the quote fully represents but as we sat at the round table in our contemplative chambers thinking of how to present our love of the beautiful game and especially how to share the awesomeness of the recent adidas Hard Wired pack, we were struck by a great need to share that fierce emotion and love with you. The result, a video. The story we picked for the video is one that we know quite a few kids will go through this summer.

It’s fairly common for kids to be stuck moving to a new neighborhood and having to rebuild life because parents (what do they know?) have decided to shift things around. When this happens, it can often be tumultuous, we know this because we’ve lived it ourselves. Summer is the time for a lot of soccer (joy!) but it’s also the season many families decide to move, the weather’s great, school’s out, what better time can there be? For parents, it makes sense but kids can often be left a little underwhelmed by it all. In our tale, we meet Miki, the young star of his neighborhood soccer team who is plunged into this very situation. Miki’s had to move to a new state because his mom has got an excellent job offer that was too good to refuse, and with the new state come new challenges. The new things mean the old have to go away, that means saying goodbye to all his soccer buddies, that means no soccer camp, and worst of all, possibly giving up on soccer for the summer!

We’ve already mentioned how new challenges, and it all looks bleak. In the opening scenes, you see a young Miki looking less than thrilled as he rides to this new life. This new town that’s taking away his true love from him leaves him unable to show any emotion apart from sadness. Very early on though, his choice to wear the latest Real Madrid Jersey proves to be a wise one. Just as he pulls up to his new home, his choice of outfit identifies his straight away as a soccer player/fan and it works wonders in his favor! This is important folks, never fail to fly your soccer flags wherever you go, good things happen with soccer! Anyhow, what happens next? Find out by watching the soccer life now, it’s a good one!


Making this video was our most super fun experience of the summer. Everyone knows we are unashamed soccer nerds and that this summer has had a LOT of soccer. With the international tournaments all summer long, the transfer season, the new soccer shoe launches, it can be a lot for the average fan but for us, this was heaven. We just had to throw in something for you guys. We worked extra hard on this story because it really resonated with us.

In conjunction with adidas, we decided to weave a story for you that would resonate with your emotions, and also share some gear with you. We hope you enjoy it all!


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