Honorable Mentions: Launch Colorway — Deadly Focus Pack

Bale with adidas X

When I am able to present you lovely people with my top 5 colorway selections, I normally pick two colorways that just miss the cut for the top 5. The launch colorway on the X 15 raised a lot of eyebrows as it was an extremely bright yellow colorway. I personally love the look of the X in this bright color and still own the boot. The Deadly Focus pack was one of the last colorways to release and it was available in very limited numbers. I like the look of black boots, but the mix of the snake skin just doesn’t do it for me. It is very unique which makes up the points in my mind but overall, it isn’t good enough to make it to the top 5.

5. White / Solar Blue / Core Black

Starting off the top 5 is the colorway that would match up perfectly with a Leicester City or Inter Milan kit. The white base with black accents and a Solar Blue X-Cage, is something of a Miadidas creation dream. What makes this colorway special is the way that it doesn’t look like a standard release. The boot was only really available in Europe so if you have one over here in the states, you’re a rare breed so where it with pride.

4. Fluid Pack

adidas X 15 Fluid Pack

Here is a blackout colorway I love. The Fluid Pack is a unique black out that has the matte look I love, while having an oily appearance on the X-Cage. The boot was apart of the adidas Limited Collection so this was another pack that was hard to get ahold of. The sleek design stood out for me with the oily elements added to give that bit of extra flair to an already beautiful boot.

3. White / Silver Metallic

White adidas X 15

It is always hard to have a whiteout beat a blackout colorway for me but just the way this white and silver metallic colorway looks is too good to rank any lower than 3rd. The icy look always turns my head whenever I see it online, even if it is and older boot now with the X 16.1 release. The simplistic design features a black X logo on the tongue that is an excellent way to add the branding to the white shoe. The X-Cage is the silver metallic colorway and the combination of the colors makes for a truly stunning colorway.

2. Eskolaite Pack

adidas X 15.1 Eskolaite Pack

In one of the brighter or flashier release of the entire year, no matter the brand, the Eskolaite Pack is a brilliant twist in colorway for the X. The chromed out upper is already enough to stand out but add the vibrant bright green color to the collar and soleplate and you have yourself a colorway to help you stick out anywhere you go. This not only receives my personal stamp of approval, but also gains points in terms of its uniqueness. We were able to see how bold adidas was willing to go with the color palette on the X 15.1. Boy was adidas bold.

1. Etch Pack

Leather X 15 Etch Pack

I mean, come on. Was there really any other choice? The marvelously crafted leather upper on the Etch Pack X 15.1 also featured an equally marvelous colorway. The white leather base featured gold accents that will make any fan of boots happy. The way the white and gold collide on the boot is near perfection terms of what you would want on a boot as special as this. The standard TechFit collar makes an appearance on the unbelievably supple leather upper that will shock you in how soft it really is. If you can’t appreciate this boot for its technology, then you can surely appreciate it’s amazing colorway. This was always going to be number one on this list and deservedly so.

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