With the first generation of the Hypervenom Phantom discontinued, I decided to put together my top 5 favorite colorways that the Hypervenom wore during its remarkable two-year run. Now, you may not agree with my list or the order so keep in mind this is all my opinion and in no way the “objective” way to rank them.

5. Black/Bright Citrus (launch colorway)

Nike Hypervenom Phantom FG Soccer Cleats - Black with Bright Citrus

The colorway that started the trend, Nike showed off the original Hypervenom with a Halloween-looking shoe that was plain awesome. Nike made Neymar the headliner for the “New Breed of Attack” that focused on agility. Neymar has been the main guy when it comes to the silo and was part of the reason the line became so popular.

4. Stealth Pack

Hypervenom side view

I am a sucker for blackout boots and when these matte black Hypervenoms came out, I was in heaven. The boot features a black outline while in the middle of the boot is more of a greyish-black color. The inside and heel liner are the Hyper Punch color we saw during the World Cup. This was the first blackout Hypervenom we saw from Nike.

3. Liquid Diamond

Neymar Hypervenom, 360 view

Click for a 360 view

The boot Nike made in honor of Neymar for this past season, the boots were inspired by the Brazilian’s tattoo of a diamond on his arm. The diamond represents the close bond he and his sister Rafaella have and it reads “Sorella” (Sister) above his, and “Fratello” (brother) above her matching tattoo. I love boots that have meaning and these represent family and look really cool. It took a lot for these to be down at number 3 for me.

T-2. Academy Pack

Black Pack Hypervenom Phantom

I have a tie at second place because I believe both of these color ways are worth the ranking in their own ways. But just look at these blackout boots. A true blackout from Nike and the pack was made for the Nike Academy that require their players to wear only blacked-out cleats. These were released in limited quantities and have boot fans drooling over the awesome colorway.

T-2. Neymar’s Golden Dream

Gold Hypervenom 360 view

Click for a 360 view

As good as gold, Nike released these head-turning golden boots for Neymar in the knockout stages of the World Cup. Although they were used really only about 1 ½ matches on the field since Neymar was injured during the Cup, these are still one of the best colorways to date. The boot is made for Neymar to give him a gold pair of boots that he did not have to spray paint. When he was a young boy, Neymar used to spray paint his boots gold and has always wanted his cleats to be gold, so Nike gave him these awesome Hypervenoms. I personally wear this pair all the time so I love this colorway and if it wasn’t for one late release, it would have been number 1.

1. Hypervenom Transform

Hypervenom Phantom Transform orange/black

The cleat that Nike have just released, it has already climbed to number one on my list. The boot changes to a reddish-orange color when heat is applied to it during the heat of battle. The crazy thing is, it is normally a black upper. The cleat changes back to the black base when you take it off. I think the technology that allows the upper to do such a thing puts this boot at number one. Nike has really outdone themselves with the last Hypervenom release for the first generation. With the black and transforming upper, this is my clear cut favorite Hypervenom colorway for the first generation.

What do you think of my list? Tell us what your favorite Hypervenom color way is in the comments below.


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