With the latest release of the new Dragon-inspired Puma evoPOWER, it got me thinking what has been the best evoPOWER colorway so far? With the original launch over a year old now, I think it’s about time we look back to the best of the best.

T-5. evoPOWER Stampa

Mario Balotelli evoPOWER close up 2

When Mario Balotelli left Nike, he did not reveal what company he had signed for. While the Puma Power Cat was still on the feet of Cesc Fabregas, Balotelli was wearing the very first Puma evoPOWER with AC Milan. Using old newspaper headlines about the rebellious Italian, Puma crafted a totally original boot that included my personal favorite “Why Always Me” (had to get my Manchester City plug in).  When it was finally revealed that it was Puma as the brand on his feet, they released a limited number of pairs with the slogan on the side “Why Always Puma?”

T-5. evoPOWER Camo

Puma evoPOWER Camo (7)

Puma have always released a camo variation before the official launch of every boot. This time around the evoPOWER featured a winter-type of camo with all of the designs on the upper actually being the Puma cat. I personally love the “snowy and icy” design of the boot.  This was the first real evoPOWER available on the market.

4. evoPOWER World Cup Tricks

Puma evoPower tricks

The original tricks boots that started the trend. When these came out just prior to the 2014 World Cup, I thought these were the best colorway release of the year. These were probably the boots that stood out the most to me on the field and I loved them every time I spotted them on the field. A lot of people thought the one blue boot and one pink boot looked strange, but to me, I think the tricks design is awesome.

3. Mario Balotelli MB45 Tricks

Mario Balotelli Liverpool Puma evoPOWER MB45 edited

Balotelli wore his Italian flag designed evoPOWER 1.2’s this year in a match against Chelsea back in November. The boots looked like they only feature the Italian flag design but if you look closely you can see Genghis Khan’s famous quote “I am the punishment of God. If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you”. Then if you look on the instep of the boot you will find the words Professionalism, Endeavour, and Humility.

2. Celebration Pack

Puma Celebration Pack

Made in honor of the conclusion of the 2014 World Cup, the Celebration Pack combines gold from the World Cup trophy and the two colors they used during the World Cup tricks colorway. The insole has a design that has Brasil and the dates 12.6.14 and 13.7.14 representing the host country and the beginning and end dates of the World Cup. I love how this boot looks when it combines the gold with the white base and a little bit of blue on the left foot and pink on the right foot. Only 128 were made available (including the Celebration Pack evoSPEEDs) and it is the most limited evoPOWER release to date. But what could possibly top this in my mind?

1. evoPOWER C4

Puma evoPOWER C4

Now I understand that this one is not as flashy as some of the other boots on the list, but it’s just awesome. The way the blue and white look together on the boots is extremely classy. When Fabregas wore these boots against Tottenham on New Year’s Day, it went seamlessly with the Chelsea kit.  Only 400 pairs were made available worldwide, so if you were lucky enough to get one then you have got the best looking evoPOWER on your feet.

What do you think about my list? Let me know if you would have anything different down in the comments below.


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