The months until the launch of the Superfly IV became weeks, now it is only a small handful of days until the world can pre-order the all new Superfly IV. Ever since the boots were unveiled at a glitzy launch event in Madrid in late April, the countdown until the actual launch of the boot has been a bit on the excruciating side. We know all about the boot, the folks at SoccerPro have taken a magnifying glass when it comes to the specs of the boot, and the boot is simply overflowing with game changing pieces of technology. But amongst all the detail, what is the one part of the boot that surprises us more than anything else? The answer may be rather surprising…

Superfly IV side view

Of course, there is no denying the aspects of the boot that have that breathtaking ‘cool factor’ about it. The dynamic fit collar for one, Andrew has been playing around with the Magista Obra for the past few days and he assures me the dynamic fit collar sets the lofty bar when it comes to the fit of the next generation soccer boots. The dynamic fit collar looks down the foot into the boot, making the boot feel like an extension of the foot. Is it the thing that impresses us most about the Superfly IV? Nope, it’s cool, but there is more to the boot than the dynamic fit collar.

Superfly IV dynamic fit collar

Flyknit is pretty cool too, and while the Nike Magista Obra combines the forces of Flyknit and Nikeskin for the ultimate feel for the ball, Flyknit is the lone superhero that saves the day on the Superfly. It is not any old Flyknit upper though, with Nike experimenting with a new three-knit weave putting less material between the foot and the ball, which is not bad when you are dribbling at blistering high speeds right? Alas, it is not what raises our eyebrow the most.

Superfly IV Flyknit zoom in

What is it about the Superfly that has truly taken my breath away? As strange as this will sound, it is all in the price-tag. A little thing that Nike has kept hidden about the Superfly IV is how hard the boot will hit your hip pocket. We were expecting the worst, but Nike have surprised us with slapping a $275 on the Superfly IV. Which, well, is the true master stroke of the Superfly IV.

Do not get me wrong, I am in no way saying $275 is a cheap price to pay for a boot, it is still over 30% more than the cost of the preceding Vapor IX. Yet historically, the Superfly range has been the most expensive boots on the planet, costing $400 in the heyday of the original Nike Superfly boots. Without hearing the price tag of the fourth generation Superfly, we were starting to assume the worst, perhaps thinking the boot could once again hit the lofty heights of the old Superfly.

Superfly IV back view

Yet, Nike truly have pulled a rabbit out of the hat here by cutting the cost of the Superfly down by over $100. This is all a part of a grand scheme for Nike, and it can be explained by supply and demand. So if you think back to your business classes at school, you know how demand for a product will be lower when the price is lower, yet demand goes down as the product is more expensive?

Nike have played on demand levels here by making people start to think that the new Superfly will end up hitting the same heights as the old Superfly in the price stake. So with the ‘imaginary’ price level, there would have been people put off by the price tag. But once it has been unveiled, the general reaction will be ‘well, that is not so bad’ and those people who were previously put off by the price of the boot will now be brought back into the market, boosting sales for Nike.

Superfly IV top view

Makes sense, right? There would have been buyers who would have been pessimistic about the price of the Superfly had it been at the lofty heights we have been anticipating, yet Nike have ingeniously brought down the boot to a lower level than previously anticipated. Well played Nike, well played.

The Nike Superfly IV goes on pre-sale on Monday, with a full scale launch on the 12th of June. Are you going to get the Superfly for yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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