Closeup of Velocita - Black

Out of all of the brands in the entirety of the world, Umbro has shown to be, time and time again, the kings of the blacked out boot. From the same minds that blacked out the UX-1 Concept (a member of last year’s “Boot-ies”), Umbro has now dropped the flash from their flagship boot by giving the Velocita a killer-diller blackout look. Some boots are born into greatness, some boots achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them…the Tri-Mess Velocita would have even left Shakespeare speechless.

The Velocita Tri-Mess is named after the three factors that are inherent with every moment that a player has on the pitch: speed, distance, and time. At 165 grams, the Velocita takes care of the first aspect by being the epitome of fast while still retaining an impressive level of comfort for a boot with this particular build. We don’t think a boot can truly make you faster, but there is no doubt that you feel faster while using the Velocita. With the ‘distance’ aspect, Umbro has given the boot a soleplate that is meant to give your foot the full range of natural motion so as to get to any spot on the field the moment that you need to be there.

Outsole of Umbro Velocita

Blackout Umbro Velocita

With “time,” the boot’s upper is created with a quality to let any player execute a flick or kick at the perfect moment. Sending their opponents home in agony and their teammates home in a celebratory mood. This boot doesn’t mess around.

For our take on the Velocita, you only need to look at our review from earlier in the year to see how impressed we were with the Velocita. The microfibre upper allows for the ultimate touch while taking advantage of Umbro’s legendary ‘A-Frame’ cradle to keep your foot locked in and ready to dominate the pitch. Think that every lightweight offering has to be uncomfortable? The Velocita blasts that thought process out of the water with a perfect ratio of internal padding and a high quality heel counter.

Black Umbro Velocita

The only negative is that the Velocita Tri-Mess is only going to have 300 boots available to the public. A beauty for any collection, a treasure for anyone’s gameday boots, or simply my new screensaver/background/profile pic…

To dominate or not to dominate? With the Velocita, there’s only one option.


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