There is no doubt that the world, in every single market out there, is always two steps ahead of most companies and seems to always be aware of every new product. However, much like a certain secret album that nobody expected a few months ago, Umbro have launched the brand new UX-1 without even a hint of the boot existing out in the blog-o-sphere. After the launch, a wealth of Umbro players were seen in the new boot and it seems that the brand is pushing the UX-1 across the entirety of their player stable.


On the UX-1, Umbro have created a one-piece upper that is very light but tough enough to handle the rigors of football. The upper is soft enough to give a superior feel on the ball and it is the first piece of new technology on this completely new silo.


The outsole of the boot looks very similar to past Umbro boots and it is the only thing reminiscent of past Umbro releases. The traction of this boot seems to benefit from embracing conical studs with a hint of blading involved.


Taking one of the most positive ideas from the fantastic Geometra line, the UX-1 seems to have a control zone placed on the instep to help aid your control. While Umbro are not labeling this as a “control” boot, the UX-1 definitely avoids that label as it seems to blend the best aspects of every type of boot. The boot also has an impressive texturing on the upper that is meant to aid in your striking of the ball.


The proven A-frame design that Umbro have used in the past and a locked-in heel help aid the fact that you will have nothing to worry about when wearing the boot.


The UX-1 looks to be an amazing boot and we absolutely cannot wait to get our own hands on them for actual testing. To reassert themselves in the boot world, Umbro are certainly not sitting back on the laurels. The UX-1 is proof that Umbro are going to be fighting their way back to the top instead of hoping that their established silos can keep them near the top. A bold move from Umbro, and definitely one that we here at The Instep are applauding…nicely done!


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