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When Umbro announced all the way back in January that they were launching a speed boot, I thought why? Umbro have always been a more traditional brand with more quality leather options. But after the UX-1 release, Umbro have been trying to climb back into that top brand category for boots. Actually getting the Velocita Pro in hand, it stunned me how light they were. Lighter than the Vapor, in fact. Once on my feet, I was equally as shocked at how comfortable they felt. Even straight out of that double diamonds box, I had high hopes for the new speed boot from Umbro.

The Look

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I have what I like to call the “Easter” colorway of the Velocita. When I first unboxed the boot I was thinking I was going to open it up and find some candy inside. Much to my surprise, the bright colors grew on me as I find myself appreciating more unique looking boots. If this kind of bright colorway is not for you, Umbro has tons of options for you to choose from. From a blackout to near whiteouts, there is an option for all. The Velocita has yet to disappoint me with a colorway option to date.

The Touch

For this writer, the Velocita is on the same level as the Vapor IX and F50 adiZero (2010 model). The upper is an extremely soft synthetic that Umbro has given a gold ball style of dimpling to help add in grip. I did not notice the dimpling at all, but the upper is something to marvel at. It is one piece wrapping all over the cleat that is so thin that when you wiggle your toes, you can see the knuckles.

The tongue is made almost completely of mesh that adds breathability. For me, it adds a nice way to reduce weight without taking away from the boot.

The redesigned A-Frame is there to help lock your foot more into the boot to give some stability. The insole is padded while also being light to keep you cool and comfortable while playing.

Umbro Velocita review

The soleplate has both conical and diamond shaped studs. I had no problems with how the soleplate preformed but it is worth noting that it is rather stiff. However, Umbro have implemented flex grooves to help your foot move a little more freely. This helps when pushing off and gives a lot of snap back when taking off in a sprint.

The tech is packed in the Velocita Pro, although it’s a boot many will not give a fair shake simply because it is not produced by one of the big three brands. This has already made it onto my boot rack to use as much as I can when I am not testing other cleats. The Velocita is up to the same standards as some of the top cleats on the market from any brand. When I struck the ball with power, I felt the sting you normally feel from a thin cleat and is something I have grown used to. When I was making sharp cuts and turns, I felt comfortable and the stiffer soleplate gave me that little bit of extra snap back much like the Vapor IX did.

The durability has not been an issue at all for me in 2 weeks of testing and I do not foresee any problems coming forth anytime soon. Umbro have even gone the extra mile and added a durability strip at the end of the toe box to keep the boot from separating from the soleplate. Protection? There is hardly any at all, but that is to be expected from a speed boot.

The Umbro Velocita has gained another fan in the time I have tested it out. For me, this is the most underrated speed boot available right now. Yeah, it’s that nice.

The Feel

Play test of Umbro Velocita

I am finding my time in the Velocita very enjoyable. Not just because of the tech and close to the ball feel, but the surprising amount of comfort. The upper is extremely soft and sits right on top of your foot. The A-Frame keeps you locked in the entire time and helped the boot fit nice and snug while not being restrictive. I had no problems with blisters or breaking the boot in and I felt ready to go as soon as I tied up the laces.

Bang For Your Buck

Umbro have started the price off at around $195, which I personally think is a fair price. It is less than a Vapor and adidas X while still being a somewhat premium price. The price reminds me of how New Balance started the Visaro off lower than other control boots and the gamble paid off. If you are looking to save a little money and want to get a quality boot, then Umbro have helped you out. Not to mention, you can find older colorways already on sale.

Who’s Wearing It?

Benik Afobe Wolves Umbro Velocita edited

Umbro really does not have very many professional players wearing the Velocita. Wayne Hennessey, who is the starting keeper for Wales and Crystal Palace, and English Women’s National Team star Alex Greenwood, are the two notable wearers of the Velocita.

The Verdict

Unboxing of Umbro Velocita

Let’s get straight to the point, if this boot had a Nike Swoosh or the three stripes from adidas, it would sell like crazy. This is one of the most pure speed boots available today and the real shame is that not many speed boot lovers will give it a chance because it is Umbro. If you come across the Velocita and find a good deal, snap them up. The mixture of a thin upper, a nice fit, and comfort all mesh together to create one of my personal favorite speed boots of the last few years. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, stop sleeping on Umbro.

Sizing: Runs true to size

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4 / 5 stars     

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