Batman Under Armour Clutchfit

There is always a mass market for crossover products. Whenever two companies decide to bring ideas from both sides into the soccer world, there is always a ton of excitement. From Puma and Ferrari, adidas and Porsche, or any other combo, the fans of both flock to snag the latest and greatest. Now, Under Armour has decided to step into the battle between Gotham and Metropolis by giving us their newest creative venture.

The Batman vs Superman boot collection.

Under Armour Speedform - Superman

With a serious nod to the upcoming Batman vs Superman film, Under Armour has given us a choice between the two super heroes. Whether wanting the Speedform or the Clutchfit, Batman or Superman, the option exists to support your favorite member of the Justice League. Although they won’t be giving you a utility belt or the ability to fly, these boots definitely pack some serious punch.

On the upper we see that Under Armour has added a design that has elements from the Batman and Superman comics to only further the reference to the source material on these boots. Our favorite touch has to be the massive superhero logo on the heel that will have every player you zip past drooling with envy. Don’t expect a lot of on-field support for either of these boots as Under Armour continues to grow into the industry, but look for Manchester United Memphis Depay to sport the Batman Speedform over the next few fixtures. Despite a win against City this weekend, Depay and United will need every trick in Batman’s book to have this season finish be seen as a success.

Under Armour Batman Clutchfit heel

Superman Under Armour Speedform heel

Although our inner nerd is now screaming for a wealth of new crossover content, we’ll definitely be satisfied with these boots for quite some time. We also love that Under Armour have given you the option to support Batman or Superman while not limiting your choice to either the Speedform or ClutchFit. Both boots are available with either Batman OR Superman branding.

So, where does your allegiance lie? With the dark knight? Or with the hero from Krypton? Choose wisely, and showcase your powers on the pitch.


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