Under Armour Clutchfit Force 2.0 in black

Having the pleasure of testing out the original Clutchfit a few weeks before I received the 2.0, I had high hopes that Under Armour would somehow make improvements to an already fantastic product. Fresh out of the box, the 2.0 fits like a glove. I honestly was not expecting to have such a nice comfortable fit so soon. The colorway caught my eye and even had many people I know talking about how cool it looked. So far so good for the new Clutchfit Force 2.0.

The Look

As I briefly touched on in my first impressions, I love the look of the Clutchfit. The graphic on the upper gives it a very unique design while the giant UA logo helps the brand stick out anywhere on the field. The skeleton look on the soleplate gives an extremely unique look that helps the boot stand out even more. Under Armour went out and made a great looking shoe that stands out for all of the right reasons. On the first Clutchfit Force, we received a few different colorways that took the same concept as the 2.0, but the cutouts on the upper were much smaller. The launch colorway was a nice navy blue with the cutouts more of a royal blue. The same soleplate has been used on both versions of the Clutchfit model. Overall, I prefer the look of the 2.0 over the 1.0.

The Touch

Overhead of UA Clutchfit Force FG

The Cluthcfit Force 2.0 competes with many of the control boots on the market. Yeah, it’s a solid boot. The Travella synthetic upper is a two-way stretch microfiber that will help even some wider foot players the ability to wear these. The design that is found on the upper is actually a 3D Rubber support cage that acts more like the EverFit cage that is found on the Puma boots, but all over the boot to give a more custom fit. These rubberized elements will add grip to the shoe that I found helpful in wet playing conditions. It’s nothing like a Predator cleat in terms of grip from the rubberized elements, but it is a nice added bonus to the shoe.

While on feet, you really feel the upper wrap nicely around your foot. It’s a feeling you do not get from too many soccer cleats so it will feel weird at first, but it’s a good weird. The tongue is made of synthetic and has two foam padding inserts to help with striking the ball and protecting the top of your foot. You won’t notice this while striking the ball but you do get a nice padded feel while remaining fairly thin on your foot. The 1.o featured a similar feeling at first when first trying on the cleats. The cutouts are much larger on the 2.0, however I did not think it was a big difference in terms of performance from the 1.0. If I had to compare the Clutchfit lineup to a shoe on the market today it would be the Nike Magista Opus. It is a bit tougher and I expect it to be more durable than the Opus, but the 360-degree design on the upper and the control elements make the comparison easy for me. I am a fan of the Opus so naturally I love the Clutchfit 2.0.

The tongue was a bit annoying at times by sliding off the top of my foot but this was not a big deal to me and was only an issue a few times. The heel counter is now found on the inside, which I prefer from the one on the 1.0, and it does a nice job of protecting the back of your foot. The insole that is made from Charged foam padding is very comfortable and I found it to be grippy to help keep your foot from sliding around. The 1.0 had a different insole that many loved because of the amount of cushioning you received from the 4D foam. The new Charged insole is very grippy and not as thick so it keeps you locked onto the bottom of the boot while still having the comfort your desire.

Outsole of UA Clutchfit Force FG

The soleplate remains unchanged from the first generation of the boot and did its job well. I didn’t have any problems with traction or slipping whatsoever. The stud pattern reminds me a lot of the Tiempo Legend by giving you nice traction while giving little to no stud pressure.

I played about a month’s worth of training sessions and games in the new Clutchfit 2.0 and I can safely say, I approve. The comfort is out of this world and the snug fit around your foot gives you a nice personal feel while wearing the 2.0. I play striker and found no problems striking the ball and even preferred this shoe to some current speed boots. If you are a midfielder or defender especially, the 2.0 should at the very least get a look for your next boot purchase.

The Feel


The Clutchfit Force 2.0 fits like a sock around your foot. That personalized feeling you get when you first start breaking in a fresh pair of socks is the same feeling you get while lacing up the 2.0. I have slightly wider than average feet and I found the boot extremely comfortable even before I was able to break them in properly. I prefer the fit and feel of the 2.0 to the 1.0 with the overall comfort and I like the new insole more than the 4D foam insole which made the cleat feel more like a running shoe.

Bang For Your Buck

Retailing for $199.99, UA have priced the Clutchfit at the same level as the Nike Magista Opus, Mercurial Vapor, and Hypervenom Phinish. Although it will be hard to make the case to choose the UA boot over those options, if you can find these on sale, I would suggest considering them.

The Verdict

Under Armour Clutchfit on foot

I am loving my time in the Clutchfit Force 2.0 and I am still wearing the boot today even after my test period is over. The overall comfort and touch on the ball have won me over from day one in the 2.0 and it’s a shame many people will overlook the boot due to the UA logo on the side. With the control elements applied to the upper giving the Clutchfit a nice improvement over the first generation and is giving Under Armour a nice stepping stone that could lead them to a bright future in the boot world.

Sizing: Go half a size up. (11 up to 11 ½)

4 / 5 stars     

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